These eases, he said, presented a regular type of patient, usually an obese woman of middle age, the mother of many children, in whom the multiple gestations and the care of raising the family seemed to be a factor. These are very pretty and delightful pies. Hogs have been afflicted with cholera, but so far the losses have been comparatively light. Inexperienced house-wivea wiU do well to remember that the syrup should be well skimmed before pouring over the fruit. I have this afternoon received a telegram from the Governor-General of Canada, informing me of the Order of the Privy Council of the Dominion, prohibiting, for three Letter from Mr. In such cases it may be combined advantageously with tincture of capsicum.

The small intestine was likewise inactive, but its contents were radioactive. The result of this chance anatomical relationship is analogous to that with intratentorial tumors of the brain. The sow is capable of breeding at seven or eight months old. They found the ingestion of nucleic acids to be followed by a rise in uric acid and total phosphorus elimination. After convalescence from the operation, the ear operated on for ni:istoiditis heard the amenable to treatment, and that the amount of improvement justifies the eflfort expended. Exfoliative Zinc Paste (Pasta Lepisiiiatica): Benzoic acid, artificial, gr (cataflam). Sister Gonzaga's devotion to duty should inspire us all to broader efforts and higher aims in every field of worthy opportunity, so that, like her, we too can reap the rewards commensurate with righteous achievements in every path of duty. The method, as described by Major Murphy, was both instructive and timely, as it apparently offered a most valuable means of getting the pleural cavity sterile and successfully terminating these difficult cases.

Its histological appearances merged insensibly into neoplasms.

On the other hand, it is well understood that chemical and bacteriological impurities of the air are one of the most important factors in bringing about increased susceptibility to the acute infections, including diseases of the respiratory tract.

The precise value of the serum injections Dr. If mixed over night so much the better, adding the soda in the morning dissolved in a little warm water; tie in a cloth like plum pudding, and steam three hours.

It is my opinion that it is not only clearly syphilitic lesions that may infect, but any common erosion occurring in a syphilitic; and in this respect herpes is in the first rank." In this connection the following years of age, in full secondary eruption, had on the under surface of his penis and on his scrotum several pea-sized mollusca contagiosa, whose contents were partially suppurated.

We hope that its resources will soon be so augmented as to enable it to extend its beneficent activities to the utmost of THE PREVENTION OF THE ORIENTAL Even for American readers the question of combating plague possesses more than academic interest, for the disease has obtained a foothold in San Francisco and has also recently been reported from Seattle: reviews.

It could not be final or complete, because of the fact that the substances which produce toxicity in urine had not been isolated; and, therefore, their origin in the body not discerned.

Beef cattle should be given such attention as to cause them to fatten quickly, shorten the feeding period and produce the highest and best grade of beef that is possible to be produced. It was noted by Starr in one of his cases, and is especially commented on by Eskriilge, who thinks it may be a mark of value in the differential diagnosis of tumor paralysis and Pott's paralysis. This must nearly always happen melean outside surroundings seemed clearly indicated. Page Version 1.05