The queen of Sheha had, in her own country, conceived very highly of Solomons wifdom, yet fhe undertook a journey to become an eye-witnefs of its effeds; and finding them infinitely to furpafs what fame had related, confefs'd it in a pathetic exflacy.

The muscles attached to the coccyx are affected more than those attached to the sacrum, since the coccyx is the more movable of the two and is the one displaced most in ordinary cases. On the other hand, the union of a sound and unsound individual not only may conceal but actually diminish the transmitted The question can only be determined by the careful record of a large number of cases by those who can trace out family connexions and are fully acquainted with family taints. Shadows of houses are very bad, and the glare of lamps is to be avoided; as also bad things of the same kind. For example, a student along any line should devote a part of his time to relaxation of the mind by change of subject or by physical exercise in which there is competition, so that the mind is taken entirely off from the persons' hobby. Boyle has made it hifh alt the bodies here below are moved by fomething external to them; even in" animals tis not the will that produces fpontaneous motion; this only determines and directs the nervous fluids of the mufcles, as appears by the fatigue and lofs neceflary to put it into motion. The pathological conditions which interfere with the movement of the hipjoint are, dislocation, caries of the joint, non- or imperfect development of the socket, partial dislocation and painful conditions due to other causes, such as inflammation or sprain of the joint. The of the ball not being involved. In the spleen, which was sHghtly enlarged, there was an infarction about the size of a large olive. Crtists are not recommended, and are not sold, for the reason that, however fresh, and however weU formed they may be, they are apt to prove inefficient. In a sample of the original water reserved for companson they multiplied to a great extent; yet all the waters were kept under precisely the same conditions, except that the sample of the original had not been exposed I'rofessor Anagnostakis, of Athens, refers to passages in Hippocrates and Galen to show that among the ancient Greeks pure boiled water, as also that to which salt had been added and then boiled, was valued for cleansing wounds and in surgical operations. Being myself a Protestant of the broadest Orange stripe, and not ready to acknowledge any marked moral inferiority in my co-religionists, I was for a long season puzzled, but I think the solution is this.

The Apollinarls Water, as sufp Apollinaris Water, as supplied to the public, to be purely natural in every respect, and of most the name of an excellent natural acidulated water." Every Genuine Bottle bears the REGISTERED YELLOW PICTORIAL LABEL of the Apollinaris Company, Limited, London. It is frequently slightly displaced and coupled with this is often found hypermobility, so that it is possible, by grasping the middle third of the clavicle, to move the sternal end of the bone through a space of half an inch. He has used the acid with constant success for five-and-twenty years.

It is entirely free from any drugs. However that may be, it is a satisfactory result already, that the patient, who for a year was exposed to imminent death, can endure carefully observed. The earth in the garden where this experiment was made, feem'd frozen to the depth of eight frozen, but little above two feet below the furface -, and the utm.oft cffcfl: that Capt. Despite improved surgical Patients usually present with acute flank pain associated with nausea and vomiting. Heryng,' of Warsaw, reports ten such cases, where he wath positiveness made the diagnosis by means of translumination. INFLAMMATION OF THE KIDNEYS (NEPHRITIS), turpentine, the resins, cantharides (internal or blister), forms.


The man has been a long time in hospital since then, and I understand will speak constantly of friends who are to bring him money, and again after entering the infirmary he got a stroke of paralysis, which made his face quite crooked: pharmacy. The anterior chamber is obliterated. It has been said that creasote exerts a specific influence on tubercle bacilli: that Uiey cease to develop in its presence. 'Tis true, falt-petre feems to be one of thofe bodies that are endued with a refrigerating power, and is plentifully difperfed thro' feveral portions of the earth-, but, perhaps, there may be feveral other caufes of coldy and feveral other bodies qualified for its efficients. He says:" I usually employ the tincture of the United States Pharmacopoeia, in doses ranging from twenty to sixty drops.

Warter gives the days, the period varying according to the severity of the case and according to the complications that arise (caverta). Dosage was two and a half grains in water every hour for four doses.

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