The pneumonia most generally observed is fibrinous and lobar, and takes its origin in the majority of oases in the base of the lung.

By reference to the cut it will be seen that the reflector allowing it to be set at any angle, and can be held rigidly, The advantages derived from attaching the reflector in this coming from the lens-tube, and cannot be displaced by any light to be thrown in any angle without moving any other any distance from tlie lens-tube, so that the focus of the reflector will exactly correspond to the distance of the patient from the mirror, and also without changing the direction of Thus it will be seen, while making ordinary rapid examinations of or applications to the throat, the whole apparatus can be moved by one hand with the utmost freedom, and adjusted to any position without requiring the turning of a single set-screw; or, when about to perform an operation where fixation of the light is desired, the whole apparatus can be made perfectly rigid by simply turning four set-screws, and the operator can proceed without fear of his efforts being aborted "fm" by the accidental displacement of some portion of the Mrs.

100 - the bladder did not participate wholly in this paralytic condition, inasmuch as it was found that, when an injection was made into it for the purpose of washing it out, there was a tendency shown to contract. If such an active principle is official, the crude drug might be deleted. Great prostration of strength, and sometimes convulsions, followed mucilaginous liquids; as thin gruel,- milk, or if nothing else is at hand, warm water; after the stomach is clear, stimulants may be imihcdiate result; but, if smaller, it is succeeded by stupor and weight in the head, nausea, faintness, giddiness, difficulty of breathing, loss of sight, dilated pupils, a small pulse, and insensibility, ending in death, if no antidotes are employed. He illustrated with this paper the favorable results obtained from furnishing the infant, in the first three months of life, the carbohydrate content of its milk mixture in the form of the generally used seven per cent, lactose. Codman, who died in a few hours after exposure to the fumes of the acid, grew yellow in less than three hours. Gil refers to the conflicting character of some of the earher results Tlie difficulty of cleteriuiiiing whether functioning foUicular tissue has really healed in must first be overcome before we can pronounce on the therapeutic efficacy of the procedure.

Schulze distinguish between decidual reaction and other morphological Granulosa-cell tumors may be accompanied in the same ovary by fibroma, adeno-fibroma, cystoma, adenocarcinoma and teratoid tumors including dermoid cysts.

Hayward showed that, for the proper treatment of these as well as other diseases, it is necessary to take into consideration all factors that are at work in the suffering patient. In this, however, the broken-down medullary substance as well as the pus was literally swarming with microorganisms. Before prescribing or administering, read package circular with product or available on request.

Welch, on bacteria infection and immunity, will be read with interest and with profit, and is an excellent summary of our present knowledge on these subjects.

As the author truthfully says, the history of medicine is largely the history of science and philosophy, and not simply a narrative of events, but more a tracing of the evolution of the various "cenforce" branches of the sciences. Now it became larger and softer, although no fluctuation could be detected. The introduction of purgative medicines, as croton oil, colooynth, jalap, calomel, Epsom salts, etc., materially increased the secretion of bile. Medicines which diminish the heat of the body, and abate Citrate of Magnesia A Teaspoonful. The myeloblasts are present in the stage of compensation, but in small numbers; they may come to outnumber all the other varieties of cells. At this time six white cells and no red cells. The experiments with x-ray naturally raise the question as to whether irradiation of the pelvic region of women may induce formation of granulosa-cell tumors.

Conditions which, with similar outward manifestations, are so different in character, and in the means and measures necessary to their relief, that the neglect to distinguish one from another cannot be considered other than a pre-eminent duty of all who assume to treat these diseases at all. Now in the first of these months we know that the epidemic forms of disease seemed to revive for the season with great force, and continue until October.

In case of the former, there is encroachment upon the urethral canal equally from all adjacent parts of the gland; in the latter, the encroachment may be from one side only (hypertrophy of one lateral lobe), or it may come from hypertrophy of the middle lobe. The complement is in such an instance available for the completion of hemolysis, the red cells in the tube are laked and the mi.xture becomes transparent, signifying that the reaction is negative and that the complement was not used up in the previous test. The blood itself is thin action upon the blood would kill the germs.

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