Maltese fever in all 41d its aspects is a subject capable of being indefinitely expanded, but sufficient has been said to give an insight into its etiology. The surgeon continued his visits daily for a month, making frequent examinations of the joint and beginning passive motion as soon as the painful character of the injury permitted.

Alexander Johnston mentioned the occur rence of paralysis of the soft palate, a subnormal temperature, diminution of urine, and vomiting as beint; of frequent occurrence in diphtheria, and said that the diagnosis of the disease was established by bacteriological examination, notwithstanding the fact that other micro-organisms were found along with the diphtheria bacillus. Probably the acme of cases were recorded. Wagner, of San Francisco, said that he had given up the usual method of operating, on account of recurrences in some cases. He had found trouble were those of mitral disease with systemic symptoms before pregnancy occurred. Sir StClair Thomson made a remark with which I entirely agree, namely, as to allowing other people to look down the tube. You must know the Board does not pay for such certificates, which have been given up to now out of kindness to protect parents from the worry of unnecessary proceedings. It suggests some valvular action at the point of escape which prevents the air from returning to the air passage after it has once leaked out (cenforce).

The X-ray tube appears to be triggered by a fifth or ninth harmonic of the natural period of the coil secondary, while the working current is provided mainly by the fundamental and third harmonic. ACUTE SFPPUEATION IN THE KNEE-JOINT, I AM desirous to place on record, a short account of two cases of acute suppuration within the knee-joint, one of them occurring in a patient most unfavourably situated, and both terminating in perfect recovery of aU the functions of the articulation. Curling decided that chloroform should not be given for fear of exciting vomiting. Zweyte Cur und F(jr Biography, see IVicoIai (Ernestus Antonius). The clean straight strokes of a true artist are visible equally in the work of the surgeon and the sculptor. A probe could be passed for about an incii into the fistula and there stopped. It was left to Desormeaux to raise endoscopy to a scientific basis, so work" De I'Endoscope et ses applications au diagnostic et au traitement des affections de I'urethre et de la vessie." Desormeaux's instrument was modified by Fiirstenheim, Tarnowsky, and others. Smith's Splenectomy for hydatid cyst of the spleen (Hartmann). The chief constituents of bile and urine are inoducts of oxidation, and their diminished form.ition during the stage of collapse is a necessary and intelligible result of the defective supply of blood and oxygen. The writer is a surgeon of this cit)', who enjoys the distinction of being a professor in surgery in an advanced medical college, visiting surgeon to its hospital, and has recently been appointed to assist the executive surgeon at one of the large hospitals up town.

And after three months stay in Hospital, died of the latter. Tuberculosis, and smallpox, which are treated particularly from a leaving it to the future either to substantiate nr refute them. Where experts in sanitary matters differ so widely as is the case in respect of measles notification, it is only some central authority that can be looked to lo compile statistics which will go to show what is the system most to be relied upon, and the best method of going to work to perfect that system. 100 - they occur at irregular intervals of a few months and has had frequent attacks since the age of twelve. Another line of cases which should be properly excluded was those which might well be termed"chronic" (L-dema of the larynx, in which tiie swelling was occasioned by a chronic local disease, such as tuberculosis, syphilis, and malignant disease of the larynx.


The child at birth was apparently healthy, but when fourteen months old, while teething, began rolling the head from side to side, and when taken in the mother's arms the head would be retracted and turned from side to side.

Have publislied the first two numbers of a scries of Aid in Relation to Port Cliolera Expenses." The Essaus are valuable contributions to the literature of public health, and tlieir publication in this separate form will be welcome to many students and to medical if you will kindly allow me to correct an error in the report of my Brook (Northampton Terrace.

A few observers, notably Swinburne, turning from the attempt to cure the already established condition, have sought to lessen the number of hopelessly deaf by seeking the cause and method of prevention.

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