During the evening the following gentlemen occupied seats on the stage: Gov.

They go into our hospitals, and the next time I see them their ideals have been changed to the more narrow ideals of piu"e practice. The toxic action of the HCl must then be Similarly, the toxic effects of the hydroxides are due to their OH- ions. If so, not only latent tubercle bacilli, but also real latent tuberculosis, would have been present, LVMI'H XOUI:: TuiiEKCULOSIS lJUlUN(i ClllLUlKJOU Hii and IlitM'xistciH'c of vinilciii hncilli Ix- of less interest.' However, would be strange if tubercles, if present, would not have l)een discovered in at least a few of the nodes examined. It was now found to be a fusiform aneurism that was becoming sacculated at its proximal part, which was placed rather internal to the outer border of the scalenus anticus. It was not uncommon for such an examiner to reject an applicant because it happened at the time of the examination that, as a result of an error in diet, or from some other cause, there was present a temporary glycosuria. To be produced like other fecreted matters by certain animal motions of the terminations of the veffels.

Lance the gum of the expeded teeth quite through the periofteum longitudinally. He describes the apparatus to be used and the method of applying it to obtain satisfactory results, and reports five cases in which the.r-rays established a diagnosis which could not be made from the physical signs. When one can tie, as many have.

The "ceo" retrogressive change commences in the centre of the nodule, and an incomplete caseous material is the product of the death of the cellular The granulations of tubercle, except at their first development, do not increase as other growths do.

Hoffa states that the bony proliferations are in proportion to the amount of atrophy that has occurred, and he regards them as reparative in character; but we would expect that these proliferative changes would have some relationsliip to the duration of the disease. The immediate results of the operation were very encouraging, and were as follows: Tension was lowered to almost normal. These statements in regard to the distribution by sheep and bison, however, are entirely theoretical, for no exact observations have been made. Later on, in thinking over the matter, the conclusion was reached that while he might have had some desire for the Agtragalus mollissimus, the stealing of the roots and the cut loco might be explained simply as a desire to steal rather then a preference for the loco itself, because it would seem that if he really was anxious to get the loco he would have picked it out in the field, where there was an abundance of it. I have also observed yeUow matters floating about in the aqueous humor. If this work has been done with a fair amount of efficiency he has been assured of recognition and has practically never been subject to the unjust criticism which he must so often encounter The physician's patients have been devoted to him when he be expected to continue after such a prolonged absence. Previous history: She has had good health since childhood, with the exception of an attack of measles when ten years of age. The board might possibly gentle admonition by mentioning some particular stove or stoves. Occasionally a pneumothorax or subcutaneous emphysema would call attention to the intense pulmonary emphysema. Such citations refer to this fungus, though many times referring to it as habitat to cheese, this species is so identified with the ripening process of Roquefort cheese (in which pure cultures are used) that any one desiring a culture of this species can always obtain it by purchasing cheese of this type. Seven hundred and twenty-five were immediately shot and delivered to the rendering tanks.


Further, when, as has been noted by many observers, the same culture gives rise to two distinct types of liquefied areas, the difference may be explained by the relation of the plated organisms to their oxygen supply. There is a hyperemic condition of the central nervous system, which in acute cases is accompanied by clots in the lateral ventricles.

Many cases of autoinoculation on different parts of the body, as at the anus, vulva, etc., have been reported. With the Ectoparasites we have at present nothing to do, but will confine our attention entirely to the Endoparasites. Page Version 1.05