The third case was menorrhagia. Paratj-phosus A differs in but few respects from B. Those disturbances of function of the nerve-centres, which appear as the result of an elevation of temperature, have already been discussed under the head of the symptomatology of uncomplicated typhoid fever. Clark, Minnesota; Chafles J- Kipp, New Jersey. In the "mg" early eighties of the last centurj', he made a careful study of it and demonstrated its habitat to be the upper intestine, where it might be found in huge numbers perched tipon the lining epithelium, to which it adhered by means of a sort of sucking disc. An incision was therefore made just anterior to the carotid pulsation. They should be applied generously and well rubbed in. A negative gastrointestinal examination cures the sufferer. McDonald, who has been visiting in Los Angeles for some time, recently received word of his appoint ment as surgeon of the United States vocational school camp which has just been established at El Centro for the benefit' of former service men who are suffering from tuberculosis and who want to learn farming and locate in Imperial Valley under the land purchasing scheme worked out by the Federal Board for Vocational Education. When they have been well boiled drink a cup of each: cephalexin.

Senn wrote a number of books of great value to the medical world, among them"Surgical Bacteriology.""Principles of Surgery,""Experimental Surgery,""Practical Surgery for the General Practitioner,""Tuberculosis of the Bones and Joints.""Surgical Notes on the Spanish-.A.merican War,""The Pathology A Medical Tour." His private library was regarded as perhaps Delevan, Wis. The new product is not identical in chemical composition, with the natural article, but it is possessed of the characteristic odor. Furthermore, I was able, in cooperation with Dr. Your children, in spite of yonr utmost care, may chance to play or be long enough in contact with kis to become infected with a fatal type of scarlet fever or diphtheria. McKissack filled many offices of trust and honor, in his native county. The bed-rooms should be large and airy, pleasantly situated, and aceessible to sunlight. In cases where the name and insignia are used as trade-marks, the suggestion would be of value that their use should be gradually eliminated within the next three or four years, in conformity with the provisions of the treaty that the prohibition of the use of the emblem and name should be enforced not later than Whereas, By international agreement in the Treaty of Geneva, Red Cross on a white ground and the words Red Cross or Geneva Cross" were adopted to designate the personnel protected by this emblem of the Red Cross on a white ground and the words Red Cross or Geneva Cross can only be used whether in time of peace or war, to protect or designate sanitary formations and establishments, the personnel and material protected by this Convention," Whereas. The words to be defined are in heavy-faced type while the definitions themselves are printed in sufficiently plain type to make it easy for even old eyes to read. Dissertation, published in the Deutsches Archiv f iir Klin Med., wMcli is so very evident to the nnprejudiced observer, was for so long a time unrecognized. A negative Wassermann resulting from technical error leaves the door open for a future diagnosis; but a false positive, particularly if followed by antisyphilitic treatment, shuts out this possibility indefinitely, if not forever. The tumors are removed as close to the base as possible, best by the scissors. That State and local boards of health shall also be solicited and urged to publish for free distribution, through the medium of the public schools, tracts on practical From some such plan as I have thus indicated, or the organization of a Central Bureau or Council of Hygiene and Public Health connected with this Association, there would emanate a flood of light and practical knowledge, instructing an intelligent people in the principles, truths, and proper application of sanitary science; making possible a grand sanitary movement against preventable disease, and thus fulfil and magnify the trust committed to our profession. This, as will be seen, is very inexpensive. Least don't realize, that right here in my hands, in the hands of incision is followed by no mortality whatever;'no,' because the the proposition at all. There have been no convulsions for eleven days, the GOULD: EPILEPSY CAL'SED BY EYESTRAIN.

As a result of this operation I have found that the post-nasal catarrh is almost invariably benefited and, also, that when in connection with the post-nasal catarrh there is a slight degree of middle ear deafness, the acuteness of hearing has been intensified. United in their influence, physicians have inspired confidence and a willingness among their patrons and neighbors to cooperate with them in their efforts to discover and remove the preventable causes of disease from their midst. Wood was early sent to school in New York city, where he remained about three years, chiefly employed in the study of the Latin and Greek languages.

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