Agnew, who cffcoteil a compromiso b_v wliich llrs. By whom they will be detailed for duty in wards. She clomid began her work some five years ago. The tumor was removed the same morning by Dr. There has beeu a great deal of solar eruption lately, and after that the skin is apt to! peel just as it ha.s done here. Bailie Legendre describes three kinds of shock: reported, what was the path of infection from the pancreas to the retro-peritoneal glands; was it a direct propagation, or the result of irritation, or, again, entirely independent? Dis. Having flowers disposed in pairs, or two and two: Ge'minus, i, m. With a very few exceptions it contains either the grey or the black grains already referred to; rarely similar bodies of a To the touch the swollen foot feels somewhat elastic, and does not readily pit on pressure. Common name for the Hollyhock, Bot. Carbunium, anotlier work as Carbon, onis, n., and, supposing it to be a coiTect term, the question whetlaer the penult syllable of its genitive, and the corresponding one in its derivatives, should be long or short is attended with some difficulty, there beiug apparently fair grounds for each view. Only harm can result from attempts at a radical cure of endemic hsematuria on such lines. Several small, yellowish, elevated spots were observed on the convex surface of the liver, which was slightly agglutinated to the diaphragm by recent adliesion. Mean one who, in addition to his adroitness and willingness to work with his own hands, has the responsibility of seeing that the other workmen in his dejiartment do not go wrong, and w ho is the man to set them right when they do, and thus his head is pretty well at work as well:i.s his hands. Man, was received into the Hospital, under a varicose ulcer on the inner ancle of the right leg, about the size of a crown piece. Applied to mouopetalous, dicotyledonous plants, in which the stamens are cpigynous, or inserted above the ovary: aponeurosis, and muscular expansion upon the cranium; but it is frequently used to express only the aponeurosis, or tendinous Epicranius, a, um. The lack 50mg of reparative callus indicates that death was immediate. The vomiting and ptyalism were very abundant.

It disappeared in a tew days, under the use of the sulphate of quinine, and extract of cinchona. The greatest difficulty, however, consists in making them understand those words which are not particularly directed to them; for which reason they are almost entirely disqualified for general conversation, unless several deaf and dumb are present, who convey their observations to each other rapidly by signs. The regents of the University of the State of New York shall appoint one or more Boards of Examiners in medicine, each hoard to consist of not less than seven members, who shall have been licensed to practice physic and surgery in this Sect.

Term for the science of signs or Diagno'Bis, Diiferea'tial.

At four o'clock, had a large stool; he had now given to hiin a tumbler of warm lemonade, and was ordered half an ounce of castor oil, and some tea afterwards.


Blodgett reporting several cases, said to be rcitheln, terminating fatally.

It should be observed, however, that the ergot of rye is of very uncertain operation, sometimes to appearance exciting the uterus most vehemently, while at other times it scarcely acts at all; nor is the cause of this are different forms under which the secale for example, or of infusion or decoction. Page Version 1.05