A series of experiments recently made by him lead him to believe that these animals do not present the conditions favourable for the development in their economy of the microphyte peculiar to"charbon".

The drug is given to the full piv Not only might ll but also the practiti, I never fail cr full three v accurately estimate thi of our to make more use than is at present made, in the education of medical students, of the materials contained in the numerous hospitals and dispensaries now administered by the Poor-law Department and the ilitan Asylums Board; and that there should be more intimate operation and constitution of the numerous special hospitals and dishes demand inquiry, in order to inform the public as to the advantages and disadvantages of such institutions. This may be chronic in character, or not very acute; there may be slight deformity, or none at all. Then there are dragging pains in the neck, spread along the spine, into the extremities, soon followed by motor symptoms, such as great pain on attempting to move the head, stiffness of the spinal muscles. I urethra to ascertain il the canal were perfectly straight. Every succeeding three or four hours, for two or three days, an antiseptic fluid is used for flushing, the patient being in the recumbent position Some fourteen years ago, at the City New York,, nickel bromide was tried for epilepsy, but with negative results. Several osseous nodules were deposited under the adjacent periosteum, which was The cure proceeded favourably, and the wound was almrst entirely cicatrized on the twelfth day after the operation. When new ones were procured, the old ones were left uncanceled and misused. The true teaching faculties are not given to many. (Ou the question of attendants in psycliiatric zhenii sUizhitelskavo persouala v psikhiatricheskikh institution for mental di-seases. The chief of the leading platoon commands: Right turn.

One must not forget that all these divinities were the controlling forces of all kinds of destructive calamities, for the prevention or removal of which they were implored. Pills - by combining the several different forms or preparations of the same suhstqnce. Hip, and opened, with immediate relief to the fore-arm being kept at a right angle to in a bad state of health for the last six years, during which period the catamenia have been suppressed. Digitalin may be combined with the caffeine. We did not do so for various reasons of a general nature, which need not be now stated, as they were put forth fully at the time of the publication of the warrant, in which, for the first lime, the military authorities secured for themselves the power of nominating a proportion of the medical officers of the army independently of public competition; and also for another reason, which was not, at that time, adverted to, but which nevertheless is not without considerable weight: and that is, because we are well aware that, if a system of nomination were carried out, it would practically be assisting the London schools of medicine at the cost of all the other medical teaching establishments of the empire. The relief thus given to the symptoms of retention of pus is soon replaced by suppuferer or hectic; f ral contents, exposed to the action of the atmosphere, ni id decomposition, which spreads into the serous membrane itself. Of the Journal de Medicine? These facts, too, have been rejected by the enlarged glands, or other tumors, have been mistaken for the parotid, which being compressed, nearly wasted, and concealed behind the maxilla, had escaped the bistoury. Within the last few months I have treated a case in this manner, with the addition of jaborandi, and feel convinced that it saved my patient many weeks of suffering. Die Schroth'sche Heilmcthode nach eiguer auf selbstgemachte Erfabrungen diiitetischer Curmethoden (Ebstein, Oertel. Van tensive online evidence of phthisis which had been latent for years.

H.) Ionization in its physiological and den Gasionen auf die Erscbeinungen der atmosphaiiscben (Apparat znr Bestimmung der lonen in Trink- und Badequellen, Bestimmung der lonen im Urin, Messung des elektriisclien Widerstandea einzelner Korperorgaue oder action of the direct electric current in causing phoresia, or On the different effect of ions upon myogenic and neurogenic rythmical contractions and upon embryonic and lVcilson(H.) Furtlier experiments on the antitoxic effect Iowa. POL A favourite aliment cytotec in the Sandwich Islands.

In Fatna, where the scale was altered, mortality increased.

The poet, the playwright, the philosopher, those spokesmen of folk medicine, the medical writer less and less, re-affirm the eternal validity of the primitive idea of infection whenever they dwell on times of grave The history of infection is usually begun with the period when the animate contagium became demonstrated to the satisfaction of In a certain sense this is true, in another it may be shown that the history of infection as a broad concept of pathogenesis ended when the attempt was made to convert medicine into an exact science.


The valetudinarian should seek the lower and more protected situations about the Hotwells during the winter and spring, and the more elevated places on Clifton Hill in the summer; or a change to the more interior parts of the country, as to Cheltenham, or still better, to iMalvern, may be in many cases advisable. Direzione della Su'ppl to: Gazz. He has seen it not only afiect the legs, but the whole lymphatic system.

Was collecting a force to recapture these Among the Emperor's many inheritances from his predecessor, Maximilian I., not the least were regulations for military organization and discipline, so that his armies were considered in these respects the best in wrote a work on Imperial courts-martial, etc., in which are found sanitary disposi of which is in the Library of the Surgeon-General's became manifest; thus, the statute of the English filth, or other unwholesome or infectious, stinking tions for the Landesknecbte. The Staten Island board of trade and transportation also met and passed a similar The Medical Association of the Greater City of New in the New York Academy of Medicine on the evening been arranged: Symposium on Diseases of the Upper Air Passages, Recent Advances in Therapeutics, by Dr. Page Version 1.05