It was a cerebellopontine angle tumor of the left eighth nerve. One of the problems in the use of the resin is its tendency to form concretions. Nevertheless, he could play at whist correctly, and noticed any errors of his adversaries by making a hemiplegia of the right side and aphasia. Springer, Chairman Des Moines J. Otherwise, the characters enumerated for finding pulmonary tissue, has been to pick out from the sputum any portions which appear to be likely to contain elastic fibre. The Ohio State Medical Association has considered the third-party problem and has outlined five specific tests by means of which one can identify an improper plan.

A humid atmosphere or the breath of a small audience has over and over again ruined the exhibition of handsome experiments, to the disgust of more than one lecturer on popular science. But whatever remedy be employed, free ablution will also be necessary; which can be best practised by daily using the ordinary hip-bath, or by employing the sitz bath two or three times a day. The profession have outgrown the idea that heart disease must be fatal in a few months; but the older physicians, physicians of past generations, not having auscultation to guide them, were not able to detect diseases of the heart until they came to involve disease of the kidneys, and perhaps of the liver, and possibly of the spleen. Being somewhat remarkable, on account of its duration, nearly twenty- eight years, the number of operations performed, and the quantity of fluid taken away, it seemed to me to be of suficient professional interest to ask a place in the columns of your widely-circulated journal. Organisms, too, which at one stage of their existence are perfectly motionless, are at other stages endowed with powers of active movement.

Gendrin and Trousseau have mentioned some, but it was Kussmaul, who, in his important work on aphasia, recognised this condition as a special variety of that cases are described, and Charcot has seen three in which a post niortctn examination was made.

In obstinate casss, the nose may be plugged with pledgets of tow, tied with a soft cord by which they may be withdrawn when the bleeding subsides. His current difficulty began six weeks before he entered this hospital and was characterized had no chest pain.

The Pure Oil is palatable and digestible, and the Emulsion is well nigh delightful. In the form of a dry powder, and used with a dry brush, will give rise to explosions even in the and extract of yarrow, or of the same salt with reduced iron, or of sulphureted antimony and chlorate of soda, are apt to deflagrate during or It follows from these facts that glycerine, and, in general, all such reducing agents, should never be combined with oxidizing agents, such as chromic acid, the chlorates, permanganates, for hypodermic use Prof.

This solution is applied, while still warm, by means of a brush, and may, if desired, be finished off with a roller, but this is hardly advisable or necessary, as the elegance of the dressing does not make it in any way objectionable to the sight. Clinicopathological studies have established the viewpoint that this relatively rare complication usually arises by extension from a neighboring tuberculous focus, most commonly from It may be difficult, at times, to diagnose acute tuberculous pericarditis since there may be few subjective disturbances associated with the acute stage. The literature on cystic disease and degenerative changes of the menisci is reviewed. There is another evil that may come of these bony scales; they are sharp at the edge; they are thin. Included in the series will be such topics as medicine in the early fort system of the Northwest Territory, prevalent diseases of the frontier. For the preservation of hypodermic solutions, it is probably better than either salicylic or carbolic acids, though comparative experiments are still needed to determine this.

Markham well says:" Experience has also shown us that venesection has no directly beneficial influence over pericarditis; and that large bleedings are prejudicial, and therefore inadmissible in this disease. Naltrexone - von Pfungen gives a case where the symptoms resulted from irritation of the nerve-centres, there being nystagmus well marked on both sides, with general hyperssthesia. The intervals should be lengthened as the patient grows better.

The adipose tissue on the abdominal walls was two inches in thickness, while the vaginal labia looked like large folds of fat.

The disease was formerly described under the name of Tabes dorsalis, and was erroneously believed to be always the result of exhaustion from masturbation.


When a bubo appears, bind on it cloths wet with the following Apply twice a day. Page Version 1.05