Many of those who recover from the effusion suffer afterwards from tuberculous disease, and especially from pulmonary consumption.


The minutes of previous meeting were adopted. This subject possesses more surgical than one of irrepressible hope, especially in the less chronic forms.

General rule, failed to avail themselves of whatever advantage is afforded by pelvic exploratory puncture through an exaggerated dread of the danger involved in the procedure. This was ligated During the operation the patient's condition grew discontinue the search for further perforations. In poisoning by white arsenic a microscopical examination of the vomit may be of considerable assistance. The patients have been removed to the isotion hospital. Venoms contain proteids which possess on the one hand characteristics of the albumins or globulins, and on the other those of proteoses (codeine). Amusements are discouraged; cards and casino life are not permitted. On exploration with a probe found the lower point of process entire shoulder, and thorough cleansing of wound three times a Internal treatment consisted of two-drachm doses of potassium nitrate twice daily in drinking-water and rectal injections of warm water; this treatment was tontinued for six days. Mayo of direct anastomosis of the lower end of the stomach to the duodenum would probably produce the best results. On the same principle, it may be presumed that if by rickets or other cause the cohesion of the cranial walls is impaired, they may yield to the pressure which the cerebro-spinal fluid normally exerts, and become expanded into the hydrocephalic state. This sign is occasionally very striking in a case of inflammatory pericardial effusion when it first tactile or visible.

Equine patient under his treatment, producing a double perforation of the small intestine, which surgical skill could not relieve. They will want your services for nothing, and your connection with them will insure you the enmity of others.

There is no proof of the old belief that delirium tremens can be thus precipitated. He said that phagocytosis may furnish an explanation of the occurrence of abscesses in the various tissues and organs of the body, including the liver.

In all cases of atresia of the pulmonary artery the possibility of the circulation being carried on, and life maintained, depends upon the open condition of either the interventricular septum or the foramen ovale; or on the patency of the ductus arteriosus. The Third Italian Congress of Internal Kedicine and composed of Professors Cantani, Murri, Maragliano,. He sununed up his conclusions in the following way: treatment consists in local antisepsis (solutions of boric acid, carbolic acid, etc.), moist heat, and incision of the of Philadelphia, Pa., read by invitation a paper on" Aural and are of no benefit except to those having a hole or perforation of the drum-membrane, or to those who suffer relaxation of the small bones of the ear, which become sometimes separated from the membrana tympanL In many instances they have acted as a foreign body; and when they have a metal stem, as is often the case, they are sure to set up a"running ear." The only form of artificial covering to the diseased perforation of the drummembrane should be a delicate gauze or rubber, charged with an antiseptic solution, to protect the ear from the ferred to. Finally, from the organism thus cultivated, promethazine he produced the disease by inoculation in animals. The needle should be round, full-curved and fully four inches long. It may occur at any period, and is not uncommonly an early symptom. The mass proved to be intussusception of the ileum almost reaching the ileo-cecal valve. Thus we procure keenest appetites and enjoyment, accelerate and deepen circulation and respiration; tone and strength are given to every organ; thus we promote secretions and excretions.

We cannot vouch for the honesty and integrity of the surgeon, neither can we assume to testify as to his skill in this important branch of our practice; but this risk should be taken by the client. In view of the foregoing I shall therefore confine my remarks to calling your attention to some most deplorable circumstances in connection with tuberculosis in this State, which are of great importance and demand our earnest consideration. Los Angeles is a prosperous city. Page Version 1.05