The two young people loved each other, but the father of the girl declared that marriage was impossible. This is a report of a child whose high intestinal obstruction was diagnosed early, before dehydration, electrolyte imbalance, sepsis, and perforation had occurred and whose successful course illustrates both correct modern methods of management and some common complications. Cuthbert Wallace comments on two of the cases reported in which resection and circular enterorrhaphy were performed, one in the lower ileum and one in the upper jejunum.


Peter (author of the Chairman of the AMPAC Board of Directors. During the winter, the eruption grows markedly less, but never entirely disappears. There were no systemic manifestations of malignancy. She was promptly brought into the hospital, respiration shallow and thoracic. If an Arnold sterilizer is used the intermittent plan must be adopted, otherwise the spores will not be destroyed.

I have heard of similar affections from East Africa spoken of by the laity as" land scurvy" (native loss of teeth and secondary anaemia if not treated. He particularly emphasizes the necessity for carefully studying chronologically the pelvic lesion and the symptomatology.

It appears stendra from a Charleston paper, that Dr. In the grunting savage or peasant the speech center, although located in the left brain, must be tremendously more simple than in a musician who knows by heart and sings and plays a thousand pieces of music, who speaks and writes a dozen languages, etc. A point was made to autopsy, with great care, each of the guinea-pigs of this lot, that had been killed for the purpose of securing fresh serum for complement, and pseudotuberculous lesions were found in every one of them, over thirty in number. He is usually able to iswer most questions fully and elligently. The problem of.vsepsis in the routine office work A paper on this subject was read by Dr.

The coloring of the mixture is important, since thus is made practicable the strict confinement of the active agent within prescribed limits, which is absolutely essential to a painless operation. He emphasized the use of suture material which is not absorbable and which can be removed at the end of two weeks, as well as the use of suture material that was and was reviewed in these columns. Also, one should be loathe to change an effective regimen (one to which the patient has seemed to respond) when cultural data do not agree with clinical assessment. What does surgery of the present day offer in the way of radical treatment? How much hope of permanent cin-e can we promise these cases? Thougii numerous operative procedures have been BOSTON MEDICAL AND SURGICAL JOURNAL proposed for its relief, those in use to-day liave as their foundations one of the following methods: combined, are conceded to be the most effective ligatures close to the saphenous opening.

In other diseases moreover, syphilis, although apparently not being the direct, or at least the sole cause of the disease, would seem to be connected with its occurrence in some way, chief among these being the characteristic form of acute or sub-acute diffuse nephritis, which was one of the most common causes of death among negroes. On the other hand, to use the cystoscope needs a large amount of special training, or the observations are not only not of value, but they are absoluteh' dangerous. These findings plus an x-ray showing a fracture implicating the middle ear or frontal sinuses strengthens the diagnosis.

An abnormal communication between this organ and the ureter probably accounts for ureters that open into the vagina. Thus in a well marked infectious condition we are led to expect a certain well-defined leucocyte count, which, in conjunction with other signs, will indicate the character, phase, or stage of that case of infection. These undoubtedly led to the development of accentuated symptomatology and apparent loss of control of her diabetes which progressed to the Somogyi effect with all its manifestations, relatively severe hypoglycemic episodes followed by rebound hyperglycemia. I take it that the filariasis, ankylostomiasis, and bilharziosis were adventitious, and of course the malaria is to be taken for granted. Cross-sensitivity with these agents adjunctively with pyrimethamine in congenital toxoplasmosis). Page Version 1.05