CENTENARY OF THE CITY OF LONDON MEDICAL BOOK SOCIETY. The usual incision for the radical cure of hernia was made, aud, after ligatiu-iug bleeding points, the external oblique was divided over the whole length of the cord.

Swelled, and later undergo atrophy, becoming yellowish in color, with white or yellowish-white points scattered throughout the fundus, with some impairment of vision.

Eedness, heat, tiimefaction, furring of the tongue, and local discomfort constitute the symptoms witnessed in light cases; but in some, and particularly in infants, there is severe pain, sufficient, indeed, in the majority of eases to prevent nursing. The great value of this is that it permits of the knee-joint being moved daily without disturbing the fracture. In other words, the self-policing of the medical community.

These investigations are being followed with studies of the inheritance of fecundity. For a similar reason, one sees that when the pelvic floor musculature is seriously damaged by childbirth, even when a satisfactory involution of the abdominal wall has occurred (the result of the rest in bed), a weakness, at first physical but later mental, may show itself with the return to activity.

The significance of the urinary examination in women is a subject of such broad relations that it is extremely difficult to treat of it in a brief paper and to confine onesself strictly to any one phase of the subject.

Trousseau has thus given as much as a pound a day to buttercream a child of less than three years old. Belladonna is sometimes useful when opium fails; and, when a calculus is descending, may be of special service in relaxing the spasmodic action of the ureter which takes place around it, and impedes its progress. Most of the All of the infants in this series have been followed in the Erythroblastosis Follow-up Clinic at Crawford W. The first step is the elimination of unsoundness, which should be done as rapidly as possible. Adults, however, especially those who are in attendance on affected children, often take dark it. The sensory or motor disturbances, the changes observed in the area of distribution, and the remote symptoms afford far more valuable when cut, often give rise to paresis of remote regions.

Frosting - the cysticercus of this tape- worm is at present unknown, as also is its habitat.

Lie believes that would recover. An obvious suggestion was that the underlying cause was sepsis, but that appeared by nc means certain, and this was another problem in' the elucidation of which physicians and surgeons were both Speaking of nephrolithiasis, the president said that it was true that their studies iu metabolism did not as yet give any very definite lead in the direction of preventing uratio and oxalic deposits iu the kidney and renal pelvis" but at least the main principles of prevention were understood.


The patient being placed upon an ordinary chair (avoiding one with a high back), the physician stands behind him. Nor is this by any means the sum total of the work carried on under the directions of tlie Scientific and Industrial Research Committee. Affections of the pericardium are much with more serious causes of cardiac disturbance than those just considered. In another instance, reported by Cadge, in a man with a chronic stricture and perineal fistula, a silver catheter had been forced by a surgeon, and the passage gradually dilated injured urethra and the patient died a few years later of renal disease. If after an injection the Enemata are seldom successful after the first forty-eight hours, every hour saved up to the end of that period increasing the chances of complete reduction of the obstruction. We "almond" can, however, in some cases, by surgical means, check the progress of contraction, and even cause dilatation of a part already strictured. The explanation I suggest to account for these withdrawal symptoms is tliat nerve cells after prolonged narcosis are, on reawakening, hyper-excitable. The patient begins to feel comfortably warm, and the shrunken and livid surface assumes the smoothness "cupcakes" and hue of health. With few women among the better classes can nursing be continued beyond the ninth, and generally not beyond the sixth or seventh month, without exhausting the mother or partially starving the child. It is no place for the senile. Page Version 1.05