If the action be more intense or prolonged, erythema, desquamation, vesiculation, and even superficial eschars may result, except in the habituated." Light is not always needed for, and in many instances it is detrimental to, bacterial growth. The patient was no better, but rather grew worse, and later was adjudged insane and sent to an asylum. Jaborandi contains two alkaloids (pilo carpine and jaborine), a volatile oil, jaborie acid, and tannin. Mitchill has made arrangements for communicating information on the Ichthyology and the fisheries of the United States, to the naturalists and politicians of the for continent of Europe. Next day when visited she was asleep, and so quiet that I did not disturb her, her mother saying that all was going on well Up to this time there had been no general treatment, her health being very good; no opiate had been given, as there was no pain.


All the known mineral sprlngrs in Europe are there prepared 10mg according to the best analysis of modem chemistry; and in sufficient quantity for drinking, bathing, or douches. Their ordinary medical officers were obviously too well engaged in their other duties to be able to spare time for such an extensive measure. Patient improved, but had pain again from the beginning after the operation in his left side.

Irvin, of New Site, graduate of the LouisyiUe medical the county board and were admitted to practice. The following morning she had moderate epigastric tenderness on pressure, and a sense of burning in the stomach, which disappeared in a couple of days. In the third instance the same amount was administered in the same manner for one hundred and forty-seven Two cases of diabetes In which jambul was employed. Malgaigne is in error in taking this view with regard an opportunity of observing an example of the malformation, evidence afforded by the pr esent case clearly shows that such congenital luxations do exist, and Professor Smith states that in his cases there was unquestionable evidence that the deformities were truly co ng e ni t a l Mr.

ETIOLOGY AND PATHOLOGY OP APPENDICITIS. All this is so commonplace that it probably does not arouse in any of us the quick sense of shame which it should. For the latter object, however, large animals, particularly for the purpose of experiments with antitoxin, are kept in a large stable, two miles away, with In consequence of the share taken by Kitasato in the discovery of the antitoxins for diphtheria and tetanus, these two subjects naturally take the first place in the report of the institute, and in ten years Much work again is done, according to Pasteur's methods, for inoculation against hydrophobia. No tickets for Lectures will henceforward be accepted by the Council unless it is endorsed thereon that the pupil had attended English Literature, Composition, Dictation, Arithmetic, Algebra and Euclid, History the Registrar of the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario, by the last Tuesday in March before such Examination, and no application will be received unless accompanied by the necessary tickets and certificates, and by the Treasurer's receipt showing that the fees have been Lectures in a University, College, or School of Medicine approved of by Two Courses of Six Months each (in different years) upon PRINCIPLES AND PRACTISE OF MEDICINE, PRINCIPLES AND PRACTISE OF SURGERY, MIDWIFERY AND DISEASES OF WOMEN AND CHILDREN, One Course ofThree Months each upon, BOTANY. One other point we desire to make here, and that is, this low death rate would have been even lower had it not been for the insane, or rather ignorant, opinion that so often prevailed, occasioning the concealment of cases; this also aided very materially indeed in the increase in the number of cases.

It anxiety is because some doctors are underbidding us that we are called upon to change this rule. With the assistance of the lO-per-cent. The point emphasized by him is that the true practice of medicine is the intelligent application of common-sense principles and forces. I was provided with student nurses to translate, but they have a curious attribute of being extremely soft-spoken, a sign of respect, I learned. They all had one thing in common, that is, an interest and experience in asbestosis. Page Version 1.05