And whilst he admits that in upholding this doctrine one may appear at times dogmatic, nevertheless this fault is far less regretable than the antithesis of grave uncertainty.

Ether was now given to full anesthesia, and while the body sagged between two tables redressing pressure was exerted over the articulations, the deviation corrected, and a tight low jacket applied. Thf new matter embraced in the text is equal to nearly one handred pages of the first edition. THE INFLUENCE OF THE X-RAY ON METABOLISM IN of two cases studied responded to the x-ray treatment by rapid improvement; the other was uninfluenced and was soon fatal, though there had previously been improvement on x-ray treatment. Noticed bleeding on three bladder and frequency of urination rapidly increased, him reasonably comfortable. Three such tumors have been operated upon with two deaths.

The physical examination showed the presence of fluid in the left pleural cavity, and was otherwise negative. They suggest that the favorable influence upon nutrition is more largely referable to the character of the proteid than to the amount. While jumping a fence, he had a fall and was laid up for some time.

The definite psychoses, as Farrar says, show no distinct clinical type but have only the specific etiology. Microscopical examination showed them to consist chiefly of tubular glands resembling the glands of Lieberkiihn except that they were longer, and many of them more or less branched. External applications are placed at the end of the whole. Mechanical and electrical irritation produced more rapid contractions. He could not remember which side was injured, but thought that the injury must have been slight, as it did not cause lameness or pain after the lapse of the first few days. Results: Staph, albus; no growth of streptococcus in cultures. They should be disinfected by carbolic acid or bichloride exactly as is done with the urine.

The mode of progression in the ossific process seems to indicate a degree of caution, as if a principal object was to guard against the possibility of the least disturbance or motion between the parts of the bone, subsequent to the act of union. A large quantity of fetid pus was evacuated, and the boy soon began to recover. Cold and wet crew members should be allowed to warm their hands and feet against the bodies of their dry companions.


I advised him to destroy them by burning. These symptoms made me fear embolism, but they all gradually subsided. This case voided his urine without trouble and was completely cured. Lafleur has had the advantage of study under Professor Welsh, of Johns Hopkins University. Two received furosemide for less than a month and it was thought that this was of insufficient time to evaluate the i heart failure was not adequately substantiated (dose). Was suffering from a brain abscess, which apparently was fed by an earlier lung abscess. It results, doubtless, from the decomposition of sodium chloride, and the presence of this acid in the stomach must be related to the alkalinity of the blood. Page Version 1.05