Other contra indications to operations will obtain if coryza be present, or aphthous stomatitis or enteritis, and equally so if there be measles or scarlet fever. A surgeon at Ashburton, named Sprague, has been committed for trial on the charge of attempting to The Association op Medical Opficees op Astlusis and Hospitals for the Insane have changed their name to that of the Medico-Psychological Society, in accordance with a proposal of Dr. The aura was confined to the forearm, and at that meeting the patient gave an exhibition of bringing on an atttack and suspending it. All parties in Toronto combined to make the recent meeting a success, and the results were very gratifying, as all know. Chapter references and standard texts listed as general references are readily available to most physicians interested in more detailed discussions of specific review renal disorders. Johnson's views as to the pathology and treatment of cholera, and cites, in opposition to Dr. Hia contributions to the mediMl jonrnals were many, his first communication being giren to the Faculty, when he Organ of the Human Voice." Sis reseordbes on Calabar Bean and its utility in Tetanus were very thorough, and commanded the attention of leading therapeutists in this and other countries.

Finally, not one ot the three animals left sound, and which had lived with those that had been inoculated, presented, on being killed and examined, the slightest trace of tubercles, although they had been for about two months under precisely the same conditions as the others; and the young guinea-pig of the same litter as two of the inoculated ones, and which was preserved healthy, is now growing rapidly, and appears in perfect health. The rest and quiet, the sea air and sea food worked a wonderful change, and three months after leaving Chicago he returned, tipping the again, and to take np life's work. Her skin was cool, and covered with a clammy perspiration.


The ratio of the urea to phosphoric acid is sometimes much increased from deficiency of the acid. According to the use that is made of them, and according to the amount of truth or imtruth that may be in them, the traditions of the past may be fruitful in evil or in good.

On looking back, it is indeed difficult to realise the reckless and indiscriminate profusion with which blood was made to flow. Last winter a committee was formed in Edinburgh to re-investigate the amount of bile secreted in health and after the administration of mercurials. On the first day on which this fails to be accomplished, labor should be induced. One of the most interesting features of the meeting was a cinematographic representation of an abdominal hysterectomy given by Doyen in one of the large halls of the University, at which there were over six hundred doctors present He is a very rapid operator, and has devised a new method which only requires four minutes from the first incision until the whole uterus including the cervix is in the dish.

Herbert Bai-ker, author of the prize essay on Hygiene. Have an unquestionably powerful effect; but thev are still subsidiary, and let it be remarked that their influence is so beneficial because they promote healthy nutrition. In the case of the former, the surgeon and hotel proprietors are paid for their care and attention, either by the sufferers or the railway company; but, in the case of tlie latter, theinstitution will be at a heavy loss, and the surgeon, under whoso care they are placed, will not receive the slightest remuneration.

That a liquid should possess an internal structure of this kind is one of the most remarkable of recent discoveries in the domain of molecular Hippocrates employed a variety of medicines which, even at present times, are continually employed and held in high favor.

Were Cancer in the blood before its deposition in the tissues, it should be far less subject than it is to the local influences of the part in which it breaks out. The state officers and lecturers attended the meetings at their own personal expense and made a real contribution to the success of At all of the meetings, Chairman White urged that any member who wished to read a scientific paper at the annual meeting in April at Miami, make application to Dr: bodybuilding. Page Version 1.05