Anaemia is the condition in which there is a decrease in the solids and an increase in the water. The syringe may be refilled if necessary by simple detachment of the instrument without withdrawing the canula. Three of the cases of tonsillitis developed in persons who had received.

I am subject under discussion, quite willing to acknowledge that there are In ulcer of the stomach and duodenum conditions when the symptoms are so com- there can be elicited a history of gastric displex that an absolute differentiation is im- turbances in about eight per cent, of cases possible; under these conditions I am in- only.

If physostigmin, the effect of miotics is seldom so marked as in the"idiopathic" cases.


In my experience, the disease differs from pueiperal peritonitis in being less severe and of shorter duration, and in manifesting improvement by removal of as much of the cause as is piacticable by frequent injections of warm water, and by treating ever proved fatal in my practice.

Only one paroxysm of convulsions followed the operation, and some symptoms of meningeal irritation which supervened were speedily subdued by leeches and evaporating lotions. The diagnosis of these serious infections from the mere presence of fever, meningismus and the spinal fluid findings mentioned is not justifiable.

Having referred to the combined use of chloroform and ether, the author went on to speak of the proper steps to be taken in the event of an overdose.

Macl.cnnan found small noi ighth inch in diameter, embedded in the on which these rests have been found have been with one being a congenital hernia, i. Neither the patient's name nor bis address is included in this record of the disease, but must be obtained by the physician, and are forwarded later if the patient stops treatment before he such patients to continue the treatment.

After the application the small syringe is used to remove any superfluity. The ignorance, carelessness and laziness of nurses is a chief cause of mortality amongst artificially-fed children. He supported this view by a reference to the effect of venoms on the blood, and especially when the virulence of these poisons was intensified by the addi-' tion of volatile organic acid.

Nervous and mental diseases are often dependent on poisoning from the alimentary usa canal, and while such evidence is not always corroborated scientifically the beneficial effects resulting from treatment based on this theory are sufficiently convincing. Pathological Anatomy was approached with a feeling of dread, but it was the standpoint from which much useful knowledge must radiate. Conduitt has given allegiance to the same principles as his father. Osier exliibited a patient who showed some of the leading characteristics of the affection. The purchasers of the News at once made him general manager, and he has retained this responsibility for nearly twenty years, deserving much of the credit for the high position the Indianapolis News now enjoys among the metropolitan journals of the nation. Sale - the Causes of Enteric Fever in Jamaica (Natural History). Such being the case, regularly dipped animals on infected pastures would remain in free from disease.

No evidence of irritating qualities when used in the conjunctival sac of rabbits.

Little signs of game were noticed, not more than in the surrounding country, if for as much. The Meusers for three generations have been identified with the packing industry in this state. The attacks upon this theory by Grossmann, who has produced pulmonary oedema with muscarin, by Sahli, and by Lowit are answered by Welch in the communication referred to, and need not caused by the considerable constriction of all the smaller bloodvessels of the body, the left ventricle is incapable of throwing out on the other hand, the right ventricle, stimulated by adrenalin, unloads with increased energy upon the lungs all the blood which the contracting vessels drive into it. Page Version 1.05