Through the assistance of specialists in various branches of medicine and pharmacy he has been able to add all the recent introductions to the phraseology and nomenclature of medicine, surgery, pharmacy, chemistry, and the allied sciences, and in this respect the work stands a long way ahead of any that The typographical display of the words and their definitions is exceedingly judicious, and the paper and sizes of type leave nothing to be desired on these heads.

In pregnant women abortion and premature labor are apt to be induced; in the non-pregnant the symptoms most commonly noticed are dysmenorrhcea, menorrhagia, a premature recurrence of the flow, and a more or less As a therapeutic agent. He was bled tea ounces and took ten grains of magnesia and as much rhubarb: this with the assistance of a clyster, brought away a large quantity of feces and flatus, and procured relief of all his pain. Lingual Salivary Glands, see Salivary Lingual Vein follows nearly the same distribution 50mg as the artery. Side - the luiTet is hollowed out and made flaring on the inside, so as to permit but the smallest possible extent of surface in contact with the organ. The rate at which these portraits are published is so low, that nothing but an extensive sale can remunerate the spirited projector; and we trust that he will receive from the profession an amount of support that shall encourage him to add many portraits to his" Gallery." would possess, both for their contemporaries and for future generations, This publication came to hand too late to be noticed in oar first article.

The merciless enemy, regardless of his wretched situation, forced him, at the point of the bayonet, to keep up in the hurried march, for no kind of carriage was allowed. Compound powder of jalap, compound colocynth pill, and calomel, were the purgatives chielly used. We shall not, in this brief paper, attempt to supply the want that is felt.

The one is the persuasion, or assumption, that in all cases having their origin in spinal irritation, the medulla spinalis will, on post mortem examination, exhibit such morbid appearances, as to account for the phenomena developed during life. Taken accidentally or with the food, as ergot. Author of" Veterinary Materia Medica and Therapeutics," etc., etc. Holt, an English surgeon, has added wings to the common catheter which prevent "effects" its slipping out.


The femoral vein was also shown, containing a clot several inches in length, and extending a long way down the internal saphenous vein. How can a wagon without bottom or sides carry a load? First thing to do is to mend the wagon. Entered into speculations, con-, tracted for farms and property which he did not want, supposed himself in possession of immense sums of money, and that his speculations would conduct him to boundless wealth. To test for diacetic acid, add a few drops of solution of ferric chloride to the suspected urine and if diacetic acid is present the urine will take on a burgundy-red hue.

In such cases, if the services of a medical man, who knows the subject well, can be procured, he will be found the best guide ceeding just now mentioned, combined with proper medical treatment, will, in many cases, ward oflT the attack. Two or three months after her return home tumor diminished greatly; about a year after this tablets occurrence she became a mother. In this form of bronchitis, in which there is no increase of.symptoms from day to day, demulcent and mild expectorant medicines are sufficient to Jackson, of Boston, in his advice to a young physician, wrote as follows;" For young children I employ the following: Take of either almond or olive oil, of syrup of squills of any agreeable syrup and of nuicilage of gum-acacia, equal parts, and given to a child two years of age, a little less, if younger, and increase if older, so as to double the dose to one in the sixth year." Of the mixtures officinal in our pharmacopreia, the mistura glycyrrhiziB composita is perhaps the best for mild bronchitis,and it is largely used. Metallic quicksilver does not act on the body, even when taken into the stomach: citrate. Page Version 1.05