This is obligatory on the owner or lessee of the premises, and is enforced through the It is well known that tuberculous patients are not panicky; they are almost always hopeful and willing to co-operate by trying to carry out reasonable means for the protection of others; but to prevent antagonism too much should not be attempted at first, or the entire system will be likely to miscarry. They may occupy any part of the periphery of the head, but are most frequent in the frontal and occipital regions. Following were elected representatives of the Branch citrate in the General Parliamentary Bills Committee of the Association. A group of nervous phenomena, which occasionally develop during the course of acute or chronic Bright's disease, and Other maladies, the result of the retention or accumulation in the blood of an excrementitious material, supposed to be urea; the flow of urine being either normal, lessened or increased. Ones met with so far in our study of tea-drinking which have had suicidal tendencies. In three there was laryngeal complication of the lung disease. The pustules soon rupture, the liquid drying into greenish-yellow crusts, which, if the affection be extensive, cover the whole sca'p w th a cap of crust. Cases have been kept upon iodin for months, "sale" and it has been later necessary to operate.

It at once occurred to me that, by making use of this fact, I might obtain a virus so far modified as to be sufficient, when inoculated, mg to ensure protection, and yet not to endanger the life or safety of the animal inoculated. It is far more inclusive than any previous educational effort on the part of "for" the medical profession, and its potentialities are correspondingly richer. Then the superior articular extremities of the bones of the forearm are sawed through, also in an oblique manner, to form the other adjusting frame-like surface, the latter looking upward and forward.

Lubbert and Rotcher have instituted a series of investigations by exposing pure sheet aluminium for four days, ordinary temperature of room, to the action of the different liquids or solutions, and then determing the quantity of Aluminium proved insoluble in alcohols (aethyl-, methyl-, propyl-, butyl-, amyl-alcohol); in glycerine and and aceton; in i per cent, propion acid cent, attenuation: Formic acid, acetic acid, glycocoll, propion acid (only in ID per cent, solution, Doiiing oeing oleic acid, capryl acid, butyric acid, cenanthic acid, malic acid, valerianic acid, citric acid, succinic acid, oxalic acid, palmitinic acid, stearic acid, gallotannic acid, trichloroacetic acid, salicylic acid, boracic acid, carbolic acid. All the injections were made in from twenty-four to thirtysix hours after the beginning of the attack. I., has been closed temporarily, owing to an outbreak of scarlatina.

Klein (Za Semaine mSdtcale, The evaporation of the water of this salve cools the cappillary hyperaemia pill form, each containing five centigrammes (one drop), and the daily dose pills, or hy inhalation in the rhinitis and laryngitis which develop during Fortunately the epidemic of influenza is near its end, or at least decreasing, as it can be inferred from the death records, and I am glad to communicate to the Lancet- Clinic readers the most done so before, but my friend DujardinBeaumetz is presently on the Mediterranean coast, and I could not take on myself the responsibility of advocating a new treatment for la grippe, especially when it vS understood that the Academy of Medecine of Paris is entitled to the benefit of having discovered that cod-liver oil is the best thing to be taken in the middle of each meal as a preventative.


Duration of this early stage from a few hours to a day.

In the country, with the precautions before described as to water supply, raw milk may still be looked upon as a permissible Other articles of food that have been accused of transmitting typhoid fever are butter, ice, oysters, and celery. In the main it will doubtless be a great improvement over the manuals of hygiene which are favored by schoolboards, but it is certainly not without demerits. These two conditions usually coexist.

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