Although many of Hermann Rorschach's findings were based on a European cultural structure and so may be held inadequate for our American type culture, conclusions reached are still derived from the fundamentals set forth by him and are, for the most part, reliable and accurate. Psychically the patient's consideration of his own condition and his reasoning as to what he needs and what is lacking often give most important clues for restorative measures. And as for the disease that we are now concerned with, you will do well to act as though it were certainly contagious; whether you meet with it as a sporadic or as an epidemic complaint, whether it be severe in its symptoms, or mild. Middlemore considers that it is most efficient when placed over the supraorbitary nerve.


Rheumatic iritis is often met with in combination with what is called rheumatic ophthalmia: a disease which I have not before mentioned. No tumor could be felt, but a slight degree of rigidity of the right half of the abdominal wall, as compared with the left half. In fact, shock is almost absent where the analgesia has been good. It would do no good, possibly much harm. Samuel Robinson of Rochester, Minn., read this paper in which he said that the treatment of diseases of the lung, the pleura, and mediastinum was in a lamentably chaotic state. The continuance of the infusion up to eight or ten pints results in a dilution of the blood; elevation of blood pressure, with reestablishment of supressed renal flow; elimination of the endotoxins from the blood and later from the stools, thus obviating the onset of febrile reaction stage of cholera, the remainder of the illness being usually apyrexial.

The catapres outcome will be reported later. The controversy has grown so acute that some of the participants even forget their patriotism and assert that the antitoxin treatment is a German discovery anyway, and Roux simply appropriated it without warrant and proclaimed it as his own. A period of about eight weeks was spent in unavailable attempts to promote union and prevent contraction, though every thing that afforded a chance of producing the desired effect was tried. The American Hospital Association and its constituent members possess immense power which is a menace to the medical profession. The condyles and the olecranon process were generally fractured by direct violence, as a fall, striking upon the elbow. In physical appearance, the cells in which life revealed itself were as like one was accidental, not essential to it.

Brought to my office for treatment.

Color became cyanotic and could not be cleared up with oxygen, the breathing became weaker and weaker and finally ceased.

When troubled with an accumulation of wax in the ear, it is not uncommon for them to attempt remoA-ing the same by boring with pins and other frequently produces such irritation in the lining membrane as to give rise to diseased action, and eventually create A case of partial deafness from this cause fell under my notice some short called one morning to consult me respecting a difficulty of hearing, with which he had been afflicted for the space of two years. It is obvious, too, in order to escape harm, the earlier elimination is brought about and the more constantly it is secured, the better, whether with reference to general symptoms or local lesion. Most cases of transplant have been in young boys. Another when his first wife died, married her sister.

Of course the patient considered all this, at least so he expressed it, as malignant persecution, and protested most vigorously both by mouth and by sheer strength, After two weeks of this treatment daily it was discontinued as being no longer indicated, he being then willing to exercise in walking a given length of time each day.

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