It is for that that we must be prepared and there is no time The Royal Commission of England on venereal disease states that in with syphilis and that gonorrhea is even more prevalent. Ein seiches Normal-Material zeigt aber, wie behutsam man in den pathologischen Fallen mit der Einschatzung sein muss. Croup will often run its course and prove fatal in twenty-four to forty-eight hours. And how difficult it has been in medical and surgical circles to give up such, fur the patient, fatal reasoning has been evident during and after the War, amongst other things through inter alia controversies between orthopaedic and other clinicians concerning the treatment of some spinal injuries Quite tragi-comical situations could be related about this, put it would carry us too far to go into that. It is especially marked in double pneumonia, pleuro-pneumonia, complicated with effusion in the chest, and in old standing broken wind with dilatation of the right heart. Several observers, well skilled in biochemical methods, tested Lepine's experiments afterwards, but could not confirm them, so that, for some time, in fact Lepine's theory has been relegated ad acta.

HOW DOES THE PANCREATIC HORMONE ACT? in carbohydrate metabolism, then we are at once confronted with a crowd of new questions. I shall now, however, mention those disorders associated with the menstrual function which arise after puberty, or at any rate are not specially dependent on the onset of menstruation for their appearance.

Since this paper was read I have used antitoxin (Behring's and Aronson's) in eighteen cases of diphtheria. The weight of evidence seems to be in favor of mercury, as a remedy in certain forms and stages of syphilis; but it can no longer exercise the despotic sway which it once did; its sceptre has departed, and it must henceforth hold a It will be remembered that, during the war, a circular was issued by the Surgeon-General, directing that calomel and tartar emetic be struck from the supply-table of the army. Des secousses pendant I'excitation sont observees plus ou moins constamment dans le deuxieme segment droit et dans les deux quatriemes segments des grands droits de I'abdomen, dans les deux vastes externes, moins prononcees dans les vastes internes. The writer advises the greatest care in leaving a sufficiently long stump in fifty days.

This state of lung differs materially from the consolidation due to inflamed lung tissue (hepatisation). He does not believe, however, that the ovum is infected and infects the mother; but, on the contrary, that myxoma of the chorion is usually caused by endometritis which has existed prior to conception. A congested conjunctiva, a little bleb on the tongue, a slight rash, a cough, a pain in the side, may make such a person quite wretched for the time being, because he fears that he will be seriously ill and may die.

This is well seen in the salivary glands, and it has been observed as well in the glands of the stomach.


The addition of the soda prevents the instruments from rusting and slightly raises the boiling-point of tlie water.

The mercurial plaster used addition of turpentine, colophony, etc.

He must pass altogether in five subjects, of which not more than one may be taken from It the candidate is successful in the examination, but does not obtain a"pass with credit" in any subject, he receives simply the"ordinary pass" certificate, which affords no information as to the individual subjects in which he has passed (clonidine). In this instance the iodoform did not dissolve upon boiling, therefore the tubes were quickly cooled in ice-water, that the crystals might be evenly distributed through the gelatin.

This case is of interest, as the tumor was the indirect cause of the man's sudden death, which must be explained by sudden overdistention of the left ventricle, and its inability to empty itself. Death was due to intra-ventricular hsemorrhage, probably of syphilitic origin. Definition, neurotic affection with digestive and respiratory disorders.

The parathyroid secretion controls in some way the distribution of calcium in the body. It can readily be understood that, with a view to obviating various drawbacks in connection with an operation on the frontal sinus, various methods and modifications of methods, differing in detail from what has been outlined, have been advocated. Wenn ich aber mcine Praparate mit den ausfurlichen histologischen Beschreibungen gesunden und kranken finde ich in dem vorliegenden Falle eine bedeutende Vermehrung der Plasmazellen und der Lymphozyten, dagegen keine Zimahme polynuklearer Leukozyten anderswo als auf den Stellen wo Ulzerationen vorliegen. The inflammation may be confined to a limited space as when an artery is bruised, stretched so as to tear through its inner diffused over a greater extent of the vessel, and in.some cases two inflamed portions are separated by intervals of sound artery. These consist in the presence of the larvae in the sinuses, with violently congested, purple ulcerated mucous membranes and collections of pus. The existence of mixed broncho-pneumonic infection makes the detection of the typical tuberculous areas more diflicult in children, but in many cases they may be demonstrated with great ease.

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