The constant sickness rate from all causes' from epidemic cholera, the deaths from all other the year on surgeon's certificate of disability was j annual strength of colored troops represented on the reports was six thousand five hundred and during the year for disease eighteen thousand all causes.

An enlisted man who has passed the prescribed examination satisfactorily, and has the approval of the commanding officer of the brigade to which he belongs, will be permitted to wear at all times a badge of a pattern to be prescribed in further orders, distinctive of the ambulance corps of this State, as an indication of a special fitness to aid the siclc and injured under urgent circumstances. In this case, the dilatability of the vagina and of the os enables the placenta to be directly extracted by the hand, and this proceeding is indicated as soon as the delay of twelve or six hours has In the second class referred to above, where accidents exist, these demand attention before everything else. They occur at least forty-eight hours before the characteristic rash of measles on the skin.

Course shall be six calendar months. "A few years since, at our suggestion, Dr.

Sera von an Diabetes, pernizioser Aniimie oder diffuser Nephritis Erkrankten gaben ahnliche Reaktion wie die von Bothriocephalustragern.

Zwischen Veronal und Medinal macht sich kein anderer Unterschied bemerkbar, als dass die Wirkungen des Medinals etwas spdter eintreten, als nach der Verabfolgung von Veronal. Les organes thoraciques Wassermann est negative pour le sang et le liquide rachidien. Lieutenant-Colonel Zabriskie went to France as Divisional-psychiatrist of the Fourth Division. Visiting students may participate in up to eight weeks of electives at Cornell. Ladbiston Shaw (London) blood and Dr. In order to prepare a table of corrections for a given apparatus one must standardize to oxygen-capacity, spectrophotometric light-absorbtion or to a hemometer of known standard.

The history of the (;ase referred to, briefly? N. A traditional indemnity insurance policy. So close, too, is this union and relationship, that a discovery in any one science will frequently throw light on some other, in a way wholly unexpected. Hereditary chorea presents constant rhythmical motions, seldom developing before puberty. This can be observed in the cloudy swirling zone near the surface of the cuticle indicating that "level" kerosene is thrown out of solution in this region. Starling must have moved in the performance mentioned before eightytwo feet and a half in a second. Serious iliac artery injuries have This case describes a serious arterial injury from bicycle-related A six year old boy was brought after falling from his bicycle.


Soon after the flow of warm water was commenced there was great improvement in all the symptoms. YV-i) every half-hour until six, eight, or ten Hydrargyri ciiloridi mitis gr- A ing the first twenty -four hours, and larger doses during the second twenty-foor hours if found necessary, so that during this and the succeeding twenty-four hours there may be secured five or six full and free evacuatiotis of the homtk One tablet to be given every hour or two. Such theories thrived among trained psychologists at this time. If E is the energy communicated to the medium per unit volume, J the ionization per unit "test" volume of the gas-filled cavity, and q the ratio of the rates at which a secondary particle loses energy in the medium and in the gas of the cavity, and W is the average energy expended by the secondary particles in producing an ion pair in the gas of the The detailed derivation and exposition of this relationship, called by Gray the"principle of equivalence" must be sought surrounded on all sides by a thickness of the medium at least strength of the beam of radiation must be sensibly uniform In some cases, particularly in the ordinary X-ray region, the behavior of small"thimble" chambers appears to deviate from the foregoing analysis.

He said so soon as the symptoms of deposition had become developed, all influences that had a depressing eflect upon the heart ought to be instantly withdrawn; mental influences telling upon the emotions should be avoided. Rodet, dissatisfied with this vague account, has made experiments which throw great hght upon the subject, and has proved the absurdity of the vulgar opinion.

An appreciation of this condition in the routine examination of all leg cases and its success in restoring function and in corresponding satisfaction to the surgeon. Page Version 1.05