Even in a group this small one might have expected some evidence of intolerance; however, none was reported. This reaction occurred if only O.I per cent, of glucose was present, and this percentage was present in the blood normally. The same year a homoeopathic physician in Toledo, Dr. Syme, who was, I believe, the safest surgeon of his time, once told me that he was inclined to think that it would be, on the whole, better if all compound fractures of the leg were subjected to amputation, without any attempt to save the limb.

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A small,' rather slender young man representing himself as Mr. Upon arriving at the house I found the patient as stated above, everything indicating a rapid delivery, but upon making an examination there was found a very rigid cervix with a dilatation of the os that would admit the index and middle fingers. The lowest proportion was in the immi yellow fever, cholera, and plague have been reported IVttile the Medical Record is pleased to receive all new publieaiiotis which niav be sent to it, and an acknowledgment will be the distinct understanding that its necessities are such that it cannot be considered under obligation to notice or rez'ie-o any publication received by it which in the judgment of its editor will not be Essentials of Medical and Clinical Chemistry. It was noted that the recommendations contained in the report are being impiemented. LE-like reactions, psoriasiform rashes, dry eyes, male impotence. In many other respects it does not excel, but equals Europe. In one, a case already convalescent forty days, no reaction appeared. While four of the cases occurred in one ward, they all developed about the same time, and no other cases appeared; the remaining nine cases were widely scattered. In many of the cases terminating fatally, supposedly from infection, the surgeon is perplexed in his search for the true cause or source of the infection. John Russell, president of the and Lee H.

Alcoholism in Europe and its Relation to Insanity.

He is currently a delegate to the AMA from the Section on Last May he was chosen president-elect of the Kentucky Academy of General Practice, and is a and a veteran of World War II, Doctor Witten is also Committee on Indian Health, and is active in other medical and civic activities on local and state levels. Within the last two weeks there have been a dozen cases, four of which terminated fatally.

During the year three Scholarship recipients who have established practice in the critical counties will be relieved of their financial obligations, having served the required time in these A new feature of the plan became effective this a young physician become established in one of the critical counties. CARDIZEM has been shown effective in the treatment of spontaneous coronary artery spasm presenting as angina CARDIZEM has been effective in controlled trials in reducing angina frequency and increasing exercise tolerance There are no controlled studies of the effectiveness of the concomitant use of diltiazem and beta-blockers or of the safety of this combination in patients with impaired ventricular function or conduction abnormalities. Raiziss and the author on Of equal interest is the new section on the treatment of infectious diseases, scarlet fever, poliomyelitis, pneumonia, etc., with specific serum from convalescent patients. The chairman added that contrary to public opinion, measles can be a serious disease, and he urged that parents also get their children properly House of Delegates, Interim Talks Delegates and Interim Meeting in Owensboro March Congressman Durward G. Most authors stated that the quantity of urea was increased in diabetes. The best rule as to the temperature of the drinks is to "combivent" select that which is most agreeable to the patient, and as to quantity, to administer small portions frequently rather than to permit large draughts to be swallowed at a time. No lesions on eyelids or other part of face.

The proximal phalanx exhibited a severe compound comminuted, extremely unstable fracture. Louisville School of Medicine, Louisville, Ky.

It is most satisfying to diagnose these cases early for it is then that we can help our Manuscripts should be submitted in duplicate to The Journal of KM A, an original copy and one carbon, and typed with double spacing.


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