Pain was increased, and the bleeding had become quite alarming. An argyrol picture taken at this time of the right kidney, showed a perfectly regular pelvis of about twice the normal size. The condition of the whole extremity is at the same time changed.

On motion the following were elected to active membership: On motion the names of the following applicants were ordered published: The Secretary asked the Council whether they would authorize him to On motion by Dr.

All agree that cure in pulmonary tuberculosis is almost dependent on early diagnosis, and with the aid of tuberculin we can diagnose tuberculosis earlier than by any other means (compazine).


She said she had had abdominal pains during the entire week. Consequently fresh air, rest and good food are always indicated in the treatment of tuberculous toxemia, and by many this is the only treatment employed. Although the wave ran in continuity across the bole, from one coil to the other, it was perfectly evident that the jejunum must lose its grip on the food at the opening, whether the stomach were in motion or not. Phenol is placed in the alimentary canal the absorption is at first very rapid, but is quickly checked and soon practically arrested"; and"When phenol is placed in the stomach, only traces pass into the intestine; a large proportion could be removed by gastric lavage, even several hours after the phenol was taken." Macht discusses the use of these various antidotes and concludes that,"Our experience with them (excepting alcohol and sodium phosphate) was very unsatisfactory." Alcohol, has been the hands of observers. A priori, it would not be expected that an organism so closely resembling in its general properties the pyogenic group of cocci would produce a toxine of high virulence. It line is within easy driving distance, and the air sufficiently dry for anyone in average health.

In this way the larynx, trachea, in which foreign bodies had been removed from the bronchi with the aid of bronchoscopy, and it BOSTON MEDICAL AND SURGICAL JOURNAL is for this purpose that the method is especially suited; it may, however, be useful for diagnosis and treatment of local diseases, for the removal of papilloma in children or of other growths, as well as for removal of foreign bodies. It is of immediate importance that the conception of the role of the dispensary HMERSUX: HEALTH PROGRAM l-OR NEH' YORK. On the interpretation of DAWSON, P. The next normal auricular systole, D, is followed by d and d and E by origin is followed l)v the yaiiic cliaiiucs in the pulse as one arising from vcntrii'iilar disorder. Where the degree of narrowing is to be determined, the urethrometer will help us. The fibre B is broken across as a result of the degeneration. Page Version 1.05