Surgeon to tlie Victoria Hospital for Children. He is a member of the American Public Health Association; permanent member of the New York State Medical Society; American Medical Association; International Medical Congress, and founder and ex-President of the New York State Medical Association.


The total, therefore, of insane and sane inebriates, amounts to about one-sixth of the admissions. The pus was cleared out and the cavity plugged with lint steeped in carbolic oil. From him he learned to distinguish debility from depression; and as this last is a frequent symptom in our fevers, he lectured on it with great care and effect.

And Catharine Carson Roler, of Virginia, the latter a member of one of the he entered Asbury University, at Greencastle, Ind., to which State his father had emigrated he entered the army as assistant surgeon of the Forty-second Illinois Volunteers, but before reacting the field was promoted by Governor Yates to the rank of surgeon, and transferred to the Fifty-fifth Regiment, remaining with it for a year, at the end of which he was assigned to duty as acting medical inspector, and subsequently as medical director of the Fifteenth Army Corps, serving on the staff of and afterwards on that of Gen. At the University of the EMINENT AMERICAN PHYSICIANS AND SURGEONS. Lea's Certain Drugs Upon Bodily Temperature" Study of the Poison of the Heloderma Suspectum the Gila Monster" (with Dr. With the UK chanical measures now available for diminishing the injurious cH'ects of regurgitant valvular lesions the prognosis in such cases is favorable for prolonged relief previous to extensive degenerative changes Death often follows a prolonged period of syphilitic marasmus in which cardiac disturbance very possibly has not been prominent. Nature intended us to breathe through the nose, and therefore provided that organ with means for removing foreign particles from the air, and for warming and rendering it moist. PorE in reply agreed with avoiding tlie use of the trochar, and condemned very prolonged operations from subject, which had been installed under his superinlendence in the Meteorological Observatory of H.H. The size of the volumes is most convenient for easy holding and handling; and the facts they contain as available and accurate as those for which one consults vastly more expensive and pretentious works of the sort.

Weakness of the voice or hoarseness may, and frequently does, occur in the course of phthisis without being caused by tuberculous infiltration of the larynx, but if there is tenderness and dysphagia this complication almost certainly exists. Confirnation - the Speaker of the House introduced the new There being no further business the meeting adjourned. We have just learned of the death of Mr. These anatomical characters found an analogy in their minds. Naturally, the!ocal symptoms are intense and the fever and its concomitants are in exact proportion. On each side of the cartUaginous septum, about half an inch up, was a grey-based sore about the size of a fourpenny piece, which was always covered by an adherent scab. Aboy, sent to the hospital as a case of acute rheumatism, was found to have periostitis of his iliac bone, which, in. Acute thrombosis is most frequent in the right heart and the venous turgeeoence is prominent. The Army National Guard Medical Department is rights and privileges of your rank. Its most ypical clinical form follows a mixed infection as a result of a septic elenent superadded at some time to the primary tuberculous infection.

After the abandonment of these localities, the production of malaria recommenced in a degree which went on increasing from age to age, and which has rendered some of these places actually iminhabitable. On section a long anfractuous cavity, lined with a very thin but tiim and semi-transparent membrane, with no inflammatory thickening around, was found to extend from the jimction of the posterior and external borders of the right lobe to the transverse fissure, then taking a course jiaraliel to the fissure, and finally terminating near the margin of the left lobe. Mav be distinguished in the pulse, which is usually not much altered in Intercostal neuralgia is sometimes mistaken for angina, but only umli T superficial observation. Page Version 1.05