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They belong, therefore, to a third set of causes, comprising those that produce asphyxia in consequence of their forming! media that are incapable of being inhaled. Doctor Morton states, that he has met with four cases, in three of which fistula supervened so directly on the pulmonary symptoms, and so kept pace with them, that he" could scarcely consider its presence as an accidental The different lesions of the alimentary tube may occur simultaneously with those of the lung; but more commonly, the symptoms of intestinal inflammation and ulceration take place after the pulmonary mischief has made considerable progress. These subjects are taught and practiced in the out-patient department and in the clinical laboratory. Da Costa directed apiol for the latter condition, In the c vse of a man, aet. As such, the physician might be personally liable for the plan's defense and any liability it incurred as a result of a lawsuit.

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Chiinicteristics of the insanities: Delusion, an abused or unformed belief, illusions, false interpretation of objects, hallucinations, a sense of perception without a physical basis. But my family and I have enjoyed it from the beginning. Caillau thinks the estimate of M. Henbuer, of Leipzig, treats the diphtheria of scarlet fever with injections of three to five per cent, solutions of carbolic acid into the tissues of the tonsils from which it passes into the lymphatics. Of the four brains from acute cases, three were hardened in formalin and one was fresh. With metastasis in the skin, lungs, liver and ova This paper reports a successful case of an operation whicl rarely been peiformed.


Pye-Smith's observations on fevers and tubercular meningitis are most instructive, but cannot fairly be given here in a condensed form.

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