It may result from passive congestion of the bruin, fromapoplexyrSoftemugof the brain fromembcdiam, or from pmwiire of a foreign srowth It may ascribed to a leeion of the left third frontal convolution.


In most cases there are no tumors formed at first. There would be but little opposition to be appointed to pass upon the diplomas and determine whether or not they are from reputable schools. Sliorfs case of and eau de cologne.

Admission to the school-room, as well as of their teachers, is justifiable if on no other ground than that it is the duty of the State, which in other ways directs and superintends the matter of public instruction, to guard against the interruption of schools by the prevalence of small-pox; and in like manner it is the right of the State to demand such precautions on the part of inmates, employes and officers of State mstitutions as will secure them against the invasion of this disease. The centres of hearing have been shown before the physiological world to be in the superior temporo-sphenoidal convolution; and numerous clinical observations have been loyalty put on record favouring the existence of a causal relationship betweep the lesions of this region in the left hemisphere and the occurrence of the defect the auditory centre. If such a plan can ever be successful, it ought to succeed in this case; for the diagnosis of diseases of the eye is comparatively easy, if the observer be alive to the concomitant symptoms which sometimes mark the local symptoms.

Proper trimming will remedy over grown claws and removing foreign obstructions, will remedy hardening of foreign matter formed between CONTAGIOUS FOOT AND MOUTH DISEASE Europeon countries have learned that quite a large per cent of the cattle die from this disease in some outbreaks while other years where good care can be given to the animals the mortality is very low.

Of importance was found on examination. The time can be pretty nearly guessed from the time she was covered. On the whole the transport has been good. Driving away or ocpdling, as abaetio faMs or partiU, eiroulsion of fcetus, artificial abortion, or premature duivray. The flesh should be first thoroughly boiled, and then taken out before the oatmeal is added to the broth. S., however, the ansesthesia reached the level of the umbilicus on the right side and somewhat lower on the left side. A vertical section through the centre of the cornea and apex of the orbit.

The inner end of the stethoscope L was attached to the lung by tying it to the fold of pleura known as"When the lung was suspended in the air-tight cavity formed by the continuous chambers A and C, it could be made to breathe by raising and lowering the handle D, just as in the natural chest the lung is made to breathe by the ascent and descent of the By means of the taps I and F the cavity of the artificial chest could be filled either with air or water, and the quantity of its The motion of the machine itself, and of the air or water contained in it, produced no sound.

Cultures with hay-broth are the most suitable for this purpose. In becoming a fixed disease, it will proceed from inflammation of the air passages; or it may be from severe irritation of the lower portion of the windpipe. The nerves which give feeling and sensation to the lips were divided, and instantly it was perceived that he was not aware when he touched food with them. And died on the _-,- DuiInK their illness they were visited by a neighbor, earned by a public scholar a dlstaooe of fully a mile.

I gathered from their reply to me that no such advantages would in their opinion justify the method. HP Queries, answers, arid communications relating to subjects to whieh Bt)eetal depariments of the British Medicai. Lebbek', Arabian tree labach; leaves are used for fomentation in rheumatism. When expedient, he should be caressed and rewarded with a bit of bread, and this should be done as often as he yields his due obedience. He is at present well, and there is no glandular eulai-gement. Diameter between points id junction of msstooccipital suture with posterior Bilabe (bis, twice, labium, lip). WUliam Dickenson, of purulent pericarditis associated with left empyema of ten months' chronic mediastinitis, adherent pericardium, congestion of liver, ascites, hydrothorax, general dropsy, and oedema of the glottis. Page Version 1.05