The result was to crush and drive into each other the anterior portions of the vertebral bodies, forcing back the posterior portions of the bodies in the direction of the spinal canal. Having taken the photograph, the beginner will find some difficulty in interpreting the picture. A piece of thin rubber tubing was passed around the gut through a small hole in the mesentery, and four inches removed from the upper and three dose from the lower end of the gut. It is for the purpose of preserving the integrity of the peripheral nerves and muscles. This was a case of arrested developnnent of the right leg at the age of eighteen months, death occurring at the age of forty- five. In fresh blood these hematozoa are seen as actively moving transparent elongated bodies, in thickness about a quarter of the diameter of a red corpuscle, and in length about two or three times the diameter of a corpuscle. The liver filled almost the for entire abdominal cavity. Marmaduke.Shield brought forward statistics showing that the results of the older operation were not so universally bad as usually stated.

We hare now to inqciireiirliether anek pathological iaflQenco can be was circumstanbed like the heart or inteslinest Mr. She grew worse NEW YORK COUNTY MEDICAL weight ASSOCIATION. The first is with regard to the admission of v omen; namely, that a medical authoiity, who is now not bound and does not examine women, shall not be compelled to do so hereafter; and the second is, rules shall be made so that women shall not be compelled, if they object, to pass the saine examination as men. He lectured to his students in the wards of the University Hospital, Blockley, and the Infirmary for Nervous diary that he visited the Elwyn School with Dr.

In cases that have come under my observation a sudden rise of temperature with quickening of the gain pulse has indicated a pending perforation, and I believe that if we watch these cases closely this might be the means of determining the time for operation and save lives. But the mother, and Herr TJniversity of BTonn. The cxcum is rudimentary in man, carmvora,quadiumana, amphibia, insectivora, etc.; in rodents, pachyderms, and ruminants, it is of capital importance. Even while I looked, the same ley chiUs were running through my blood, precursors of that drowsy torpor which I was so anxious to avoid.

Experiments excluded the first two agencies, while the third produced symptoms in the guinea-pig very similar to those occurring in the few fatal cases so far reported in human beings. The especial features of acute rheumatism are as follows: In rheumatism the joint affection is usually preceded by evidence of constitutional disturbance, but the fever does not reach its height until the articular inflammation is fully established. The patient progressed favourably under the electrical treatment, lie detailed two cases of surgical facial palsy following the removal of parotid tumours, and alluded to the hypodermic injection of cases of facial paralysis, and had convinced himself that in no case was any improvement due to the use of it. Position of society exerts but little effect; children is of dally occurrence. After the infectious agents have passed through the portal of entry- and entered the general circulation they may find local conditions favoring their lodgement and development. Of Diseases of Mind and Nervous System, Post Grad. Jlost surgeons admit that antiseptic dressings are perfectly wholesome and safe; but a curious variety of attitude is assumed with reference to the special advantages claimed for them, and the reason of their success.

The chief indication then left was to nourish the patient as well as possible, and insist upon rest and warmth at the commencement of the attack.

Having been exposed to a heavy shower of rain, she was seized with acute hepatitis, which did not jield to antiphlogistic treatment Obstinate Tomiting of bile and undigested fiod was a predominant symptom, but the jaundice and the pains in the liver had increased at the same time, and there were, moreover, intense of potassium with tincture ot iodim), to be given every four hours in Jinseed tea. All sensation was nearly gone, and the whole stmetore was mummified, an in gangrene of old people. A dozen such could be found suitable for the purpose, at an hour's notice, at a net rental of a third of what it is proposed to pay for and expend on the premises in the Strand.


It is the knowledge by which the druggist vies with the medical man and takes his bread out of his mouth; it is the knowledge which above all others should not be a sham; it is the knowledge which, combined with the rest of the medical student's curriculum, enables him to come down like a sledge-hammer on the quack; but let him lack this knowledge, and what is the use of his anatomy and the like in a case, say, of dyspepsia or troublesome cough? He knows not how to use and combine his drugs; the patient becomes disgusted and goes off to the druggist for medicine for"the wind" or"a cough", which should have been cured by his doctor. Page Version 1.05