Till now the reaction by aggutination has been obtained by mixing fresh cultures of the typhoid bacillus with appetite the serum of the patient under investigation. The entire Pamir region is not of any great extent, and we know that for nine and a half months of the year the Alai district is uninhabited owing to the extreme severity of the weather. Here was no apathy, no dulness. The best general plan of management of the heart in pneumonia is to conserve its forces early in the disease by the control of delirium by the use of a proper antipyretic but at the same time tonic system of bathing, and by the use of such drugs as will relax the general circulation and diminish the hyperactivity of the heart. There is too exclusive a tendency to attribute to the realization of a single hygienic measure the sanitary improvement of a city; it concerns almost always, on the contrary, a series of hygienic improvements that have of a necessity preceded or accompanied it. In the former condition it would offer no contraindications to the operation, while in stimulant the latter, the probability of a rapid recurrence would deter us from operating, in a majority of cases. The question of the nature of this phenomenon need not detain us long. A slight pull will suffice for the removal of this.


To that treasure house we go for further information as to Edward Milligan, and we learn that he was himself zu eiiieiii aiisgezeichneten Oelehrten (to be a distinguished scholar) at Edinburgh, where, turning to medicine, he the Ancient Physicians," and on"The Theory of the Frontal Sinus," and was for years conjoint editor of the Edirihurgh Journal of Medical Science. The sound would pass but two inches and a half into the uterine cavity, and the uterus was freely movable in the pelvis.

If, as is sometimes desirable, the posterior nares are to be inspected, a rhinoscopic or the smaller laryngeal mirror is employed. " An Act relating to the Adulteration of Food and Drugs," the legislation upon that subject was confined to fraudulent adulterations and adulterations injurious to health. From that time up to his admission he had a dry, hacking cough with mucous expectoration, some dyspnoea, pleuritic pains on the right side, and a few small haemorrhages, lie lost twenty pounds. V., Medical Director, ordered to Naval Laboratory, Dean, R. Both eyes turned strongly downward and outward, patient being obliged to throw back and turn his head to the side in order to see with either eye. The third specimen was one of extra-uterine pregnancy from a woman who had had some ovarian symptoms for a year, with pain. This form of neuritis is not special to guinea-pigs or to. There was not the slightest endometritis, cervicitis, erosion, displacement, or any abnormal condition, ovarian, tubal, vaginal, uterine, stomachal, nervous, or intestinal.

Cough was slight with some mucous expectoration. Its absence, or in fact the absence of any one of the typical symptoms, does not imply that intussusception does not exist The infrequency of faecal vomiting is important to note, as some practitioners obstinately refuse to entertain a diagnosis of intestinal obstruction unless this symptom is Notes on the finding of a tumor by abdominal palpation have intentionally been omitted, lest misleading deductions be drawn from them, the value of such observations depending largely on our knowledge of the It may be stated, though, that in general palpation of the abdomen yields definite signs of greater value and more frequently than in other forms of acute intestinal obstruction. The mere removal of polypi will not cure nasal asthma. We refer to the stories and I illustrations contained in many of the periodi icals published ostensibly for the good of I little mankind. Anaesthesia of the conjunctiva is rare. It is a serious error to state that the pleura descends behind only to the spiue of the eleventh dorsal vertebra, as it has been found as low as the transverse process of the first lumbar. But let these harmonious movements be disarranged by excessive or deficient movement of either eye, double vision at once takes place. Hence the result narrated, which was not from the physiological action of the drug Recently a case somewhat similar in its main features came under the writer's observation.

Increased retardation of thetemporal dosage pulse characterizes carotid aneurysms. The bromides were continued for two weeks and then stopped. Page Version 1.05