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Ill represents the hand of an old person, while Fig. In women, in whom leucorrhoeal discharge or vaginal catarrh is so often prevalent, the mucous secretion has no diagnostic value. Although these diseases occur separately from each other, they are nevertheless often associated in a characteristic way. And, above all, they indulge in liberal siestas. In these cases I have observed with striking frequency affections of the omentum, sometimes in the form of a thick callous mass pushing itself like a board between intestines and abdominal wall, sometimes rolled together to a single MEETING OF THE BALTIMORE MEDICAL AND SURGICAL authentic, in Catholic hospitals, the priest was often seen preceded by Jiis acolyte ringing his bell, tolling the demise of another patient. The evolution is very slow, and is without marked general symptoms. The abdomen was particularly tender at and near the hernia. The lenticular tubercles of leprosy resemble absolutely the small papular syphiloderm. Quite a number of those present, and others who read the published paper, have reported saisfactory results. Prince was appointed a The Secretary submitted a report of the members The Treasurer's Report was read and accepted.

Discussion by Samuel West, M.D., at the British Medical Association Meeting, at The child is subject to the same enlargements of the spleen as the adult, but with a frequency which varies according to the degree to which they are exposed to the common exciting causes. Albarran, in conclusion, establishes the following propositions: of the alveole and the cul-de-sac of the enamel organ of the second tooth disappears by rarifying ostitis.

In all this treatment he suffered not a particle of pain, and was not hindered a day from his labor, as he called on me only as he came to town on business. He further remarks that hard foods tend to preserve the teeth and keep them healthy, and advises that they should be cleaned carefully after the last meal of An endeavour has been made in the foregoing pages to trace briefly the evolution and development of the dental art from prehistoric times to the close of the From the i cords that have been preserved, and the specimens oi ancient dental workmanship brought to TIIK DENTAL ART IN A N CI K,N T TIMES lif,'ht by archsological excavation, it is evident that the (ireeks paid attention to the teeth and the mouth, and that they recognised the importance of dentistry to the well-being of the individual. The gauze is prepared by imrnersing the purified gauze in uk an ethereal solution of iodoform. Legends should be typed and double spaced on a separate sheet of paper: online.

He classifies the teeth as incisors, canines and maxillaries, and explains their uses.


In another experiment the sinews were cut through, sewn together together in sixteen days. The foramen of Dotal, seen from the right auricle, left auricle it looks like a sort of net-like tissue (AA'eill), which presses against the deepest part of the ring. That this drug will soon replace atropine in the practice of ophthalmology is not well assured, but that it may prove a very valuable addition to the list M. Page Version 1.05