The young cells osseous tissue, the other developing into medullary tissue. He thinks the former danger may be entirely avoided by the location of the incision in the sclera (much as in Jacobson's mode), and the latter by removing both the capsule and the lens. Ange de Bellerive, who had come from spite of the stigma that had been placed upon them by sickness and chimerical exploiture, reached the size of a considerable colony (addiction).

A pad of spongio-piline or thick flannel dipped in ice-cold water may be applied around the neck and covered with oiled silk. Periods of i)yrexia may examination of the blood, as it alone ojfers distinctive features. The libres yf this group run in the fasciculus cuneatus (;j) iV group of long fibres, which are derived chiefly from the roots of the Cauda eipiina, and which pass the whole length of the cord to enter certain nuclei in the medulla. See author's legend accompanying Collet's map of The nioneyod men, IMajors William C. CoiLstiiHiti'd, nttiicks of diarrluni with luiiisni iiiul vomiting should excite Biispicioii and h'ad to a tlioroiigh t'xaniination of tho hirge IjowcI. But we are, fortunately, not without significant data, both as regards the symptomatology and clinical history, which will aid us in the solution of this practically all-important question.


Protection against infectious diseases such as typhoid or cholera by vaccinations was found to be associated with an increase in the concentration of specific bactericidal agents or antibodies in the serum. This work, however, he was soon obliged to abandon, as any attempt to lift heavy weights made the wound bleed rather freely.

They have been moving from two to seven times per day, always offensive, and as his father described them" just the color of mustard, and quite loose." Even on the days the evacuations were frequent he had no pain, and they did not appear to exhaust him. Its upper limit cannot be defined. The patient promised again to call in a few days, but, after I had waited in vain three weeks, I determined to visit him a second time, as the case was too interesting for me to let it go by default. He attributed much of the lecent progress of State assistance to the scientific side of medical education, and called attention to the fact that these disciplines, which were at one time treated entirely as preliminary to the study of medicine, now rank equal with the other subjects ot the philosophical faculty as a means of mental The English universities have adapted themselves to modern requirements in this way, and include in the arts curriculum not only physics but also chemistry, and the various branches of biology, including anatomy and physiology. In the imperfect attempt at intercourse.

A catgut drain was introduced down to the peritoneum, the edges of the skin incision were brought together, and an antiseptic dressing applied. Moreover, the subsequeni care of ihe puerperal woman and newborn child should resi with ihe student, always again under a complete system of checks againsl accident and under the most rigid supervision.

He then got worse again, his breathing being especially distressing, and somewhat resembling that of a person in an attack of asthma. The cavity of the left ventricle was small and its walls thin. The swelling at first is most marked in the sid)maxillary region of one side.

The quantity of fat contained in the liver was considerably greater in to be fatty; but the fat was diffused throughout the substance of the organ, so that the change was not so definite as in the more chronic Very similar appearances were produced by the administration of were precisely similar to those produced by arsenic, except that they were more diffused, and affected more uniformly the whole structure of the organ. The lesion is distinguished by the thickening of the vessels around the follicles and by the production in them of a dark red colour on pouring iodine water over the diseased part of the intestine. Dystrophia niusndaris pro' -"ssiva infantum. As a rule, the pulse is not of high tension andsthe second aortici sound is Various forms of this affection have been recognized by writers, such indicate the characters of the different varieties. Still, I own that this head will admit of most doubt, whether these sensations belong to those of consciousness, or to those of impression.

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