Their frequency compatible with health varies with the purity of mind and sexual vigor of the patient. The syphilitic may come into the world with grave lesions of one or more vital organs: kidney, spleen, liver, pancreas, thymus, lung, etc.

He had seen ligatures applied after the removal of the breast, that could not be detached a month or six weeks after the operation.

And is often occasioned by long continued anxiety, too sedentary a life, indulgence in spirituous liquors, too copious evacuations, particularly those excited by artificial or unnatural means. How long will the votaries of this healthdestroying system remain passive under the absurd and arbitrary laws of fashion? Must the delicate fabric of the female constitution be eternally sacrificed upon this alter of folly and tyrant custom? Both humanity and affection declare with sorrow jelly that the names are already too numerous of those who have fallen victims to the deadly influence of that insidious class of diseases, which preys with the most unsparing- voracity upon During sleep, we remain several hours without food; and animals that are in a state of torpor, for several months require no nourishment. Cases with many of the above symptoms may continue during weeks and months, emaciating until they look like the reconcentrados seen during the Spanish War, and yet they may recover. Greenhill, the great scholar, sanitarian, and physician, whose death at Hastings I have previously recorded, and who was once offered the Fellowship, but declined it.

This is a welldeserved compliment to a gentleman whose reputation in his specialty is world-wide. It is found far more frequently in cattle (full grown) than in calves, and with much greater frequency in cows kept in town cow-houses than in cattle bred for the express purpose of slaughter. Two reasons for this occurring are: the sales resistance on the part of convictions concerning what splanchnicectomy in the long run can accomplish for the Since most Grade I hypertensive patients have a good prognosis anyway, we reject them for operation and prefer simple rauwolfia therapy, especially if their hypertension is of the neurogenic type, because we believe they will live as long without operation as with it.


License pending (by State Board of Health) c.

General miliary tuberculosis existed in two of the cases; tuberculosis of the lungs, bronchial glands, and liver, in one case; and of the lungs and bronchial glands in two others. Vaginal e.xaminations revealed only the mass distending the pelvis, the uterus pushed up almost beyond reach. The anatomic lesions found at the operation. We can only base our prognostic data on incontrovertible facts and these prove that: (a) Ulcer of the stomach is most frequent in anemic or chlorotic ulcers are found in women. Albuminuria, dropsy, and uraemia are common to both acute Is a circumscribed swelling and inflammation of the groin,, or of a lymphatic gland, syphilitic or otherwise. The multiple ulcers are usually superficial, the single gastric ulcer is not frequent. This tongue is met with in chlorosis, and in some chronic diseases, as Bright's, and always signifies In diabetes the tongue becomes smooth, glazed, shiny, beefy looking, abnormally clean and often very dry. Doctor Lettenberger served in the Navy as a When writing advertisers please mention the Journal.

Funds were raised to take care of whatever immediate needs these patients might have, and the medico-social worker, together with the Director of Nurses, were entrusted with the task of studying and passing upon each individual A Men's Faculty Club became a reality last summer. No improvement followed; the breathing became stertorous, and the stupor more profound; and after two After death it was ascertained that she had appeared quite well during the day before admission, having travelled on that day from Paris with the cook who served in the same family as herself. If the patient recovered it was all very well, and a great noise was made of the restoration of the man's sight; but if, as often happened, the ej'e was lost from destructive inflammation, nothing more was The practice of using- the trephine in cases of fracture, and even when fracture is suspected, with many surgeons is too readily adopted. Reese, chairman of the Department of Neuropsychiatry at the medical school. From this time the bad symptoms gradually abated, under a moderately depleting course, and the patient is Many cases have recently been reported in the continental Journals, of extreme pulmonary catarrh, and even what appeared to be consumption, yielding to remedies, considered inert in those diseases themselves. Indicates pressure exerted by left umbilical xein upon to right. Presuming that the Medical Record and other medical journals have subscribers among non-medical libraries and non-medical men such a law might entail a good deal of inconvenience upon medical publishers. Embolic infarct may be a cause of hemoptysis; when present with the exacerbation of a chronic endocarditis it is of malignant or septic origin and offers an unfavorable prognosis. Page Version 1.05