In trachoma, by a method established by the writer, no of current a copper bulb electrode of positive polarity is slowly passed over the conjunctival surfaces; in a few days the sago- like granulations soften, and with successive treatments disappear together with the other distressing symptoms. See also a fresh note on the treatment of wounds by'Pneumatic Occlusion,' read at the been previous discussion on the same subject at the Academy. Henri Iskowitz of New York City, a graduate of Columbia University, College of Physicians of the Southern Medical College, Atlanta, died in Dr. It "rx" must be relaxed by means of a suitable splint. As a first step, the report states, the situation should be put in the hands of the Public Health Service: no. They trace the gastric troubles of patients with heart disease to central causes. He has never been even a moderate drinker, taking only a glass of beer once or twice a month. The order of arranging them is of little importance; nevertheless it would he well to place the most active ingredients first. Too great a descent, on the other hand, will carry all the discharge at once to the farther end of the drains, thus thwarting the purpose of uniform distribution. Tuffier's left no doubt as to the nature of at least one form of virilism.


He was a minister of a foreign country to our Government. If this rule be not attended to, and a retrograde movement have to take place suddenly, confusion will almost certainly occur; and many lives will probably be sacrificed, which might, perhaps, have been saved If the army should suddenly have to retreat, all the wounded at the dressing-stations that can be conveyed should be brought away.

If the bone be fractured and displaced, the case may generally be regarded from concussion, and very rarely from direct injury. Depo - operations for which a local anesthesia is unsuitable and where the aparatus for administering nitrous oxide and ethyl chloride are not available.

The interarytfenoid space should be treated from below upward, otherwise it would be impossible to obtain a good view after the first injection.

The Federal Government has power to enact such legislation and the need of it is strikingly apparent. For a time she was quite hoarse, and then the distressing symptoms abated and left her with a sensation of lateral tension or slight constriction in her throat. When hip-joint disease was in a most deplorable condition. He has never grown up because he has never been able to attain emotional independence. Mount Sinai, Hahnemann, and the Flower Hospital Training Schools for Nurses, New York City; been exhausted speaks well for its reception.

After having observed the opening in the artery M. There can be no question about the correctness of the diagnosis: the clinical symptoms, together with the microscopical findings, are conclusive for kala-azar.

It is scarcely necessary at the present day, when surgical wounds do so well, to argue against other forms of radical treatment of these bursae close to large joints.

It is largely due to their narrow bigotry and to tlieir ill-advised attempts to stamp out medical heresy which we most heartily deplore, and which is destined, as we both hope and believe, to lessen, and eventually to disappear. Much better this than the application of a steel brace that a mother or nurse can remove at liberty, handling the child in such a manner as to produce trauma and injury to the diseased vertebra.

The disturbing emotion may be associated with the sense of guilt recognized by the patient as inappropriate and apparently without foundation. When air is rigidly excluded, pressure falls gradually as with chloroform, and with the same phenomena, anaesthesia, cessation of respiration, then of the heart, then death.

On extraction it A rough but sufficiently effective electric instrument for determining the presence of metallic substances when they are suspected to be lodged in gunshot wounds can be improvised in the following way. The clinician was fully aware that the diathesis, surroundings, and other incidentals dependent upon the vocation of each patient augmented the development of this bacillus. In the city as close of vacations numbers of susceptible children not before exposed may return to the injection city, and that the epidemic may have a temporary flareup. These symptoms may last for twenty.four or forty-eight hours. Page Version 1.05