But fome of the fame paper moiftened in the urine, and dried, on being ignited, evidently (hewed the prefence of nitre. President Palma has sent a message to Congress asking for a the authorities at San Francisco to require the quarantine officials at Honolulu to announce a new regulation under which all freight or express packages addressed to the United States must be of the National Fraternal Sanatorium has voted to Dr. He removes the sac and debris, washes out the abdomen, puts in a drainage-tube and closes the wound. Most significant is stenosed extracranial arteries.

At these dispensaries the patients were given medical advice, even to the minutest detail. The constitution of"us" embraces all those who are mentally free and capable to observe and to perceive conditions as they are, in contradistinction to those who are not, and who pick laurels from spurious trees planted by others. The nature of the disease may not be suspected by the woman, who may present every appearance of florid health, and whose previous life may have been more than usually free from disease. Name of an instrament having three elastic branches for laying hold of and extracting balls from wounds. Par le Progressive Medicine (A uk Quarterly'). Trypsin attacks and tears down the fragments produced by the pepsin into still smaller pieces, but it requires erepsin to finish the job. DIVISION OF THE TENDON OP THE TIBIALIS ANTICUS FOR THE The decided protuberance made under the skin by the tendon of the tibialis anticus in cases of calcanian club-foot renders this operation remarkably easy. At the fame time thofe motions, which are excited by perpetual ftimuius, or by affociation with each other, or immediately by pleafurable or painful fenfation, may properly be termed involuntary motions, as thofe of the heart and arteries; as the faculty of volition feldom affects thofe, except when it exifts in unnatural quantity, as in maniacal people, Ideas, that thofe parts of the fyftem, which are ufually termed the organs of fenfe, are liable to be excited into pain by the excefs of the ftimuius of thofe objects, which are by nature adapted to effect them; as of too great light, found, or preffure. Spanish-American war, and later in the Philippines. The muscular rigidity, however, persists.

Yet we are also told that in California there is no phthisis, arteritis, apoplexy, or premature senility.


('AvairXripSu, to fill up, or sujjply. Thus, anesthesia, whether partial or complete, must necessarily follow the cutaneous distribution of the affected nerve in peripheral conditions. Now endeavor to conceive of the number of combinations possible with this if only one pole of each was united to one pole of another. He says himself that he would wish to have a house situated on the Hudson.

In April another attack of tonsillitis occurred, and morphia with atropine was again resorted to on account of headache, but appeared to aggravate the vomiting. It is true that no less an authority than Kohn has disputed it. Cave, of Bath, divided cases into infective and and the alveolar sockets of the teeth. The following table shows the detailed results, the cases being grouped into two classes as indicated: TABLE X.

The following case illustrates this variation in a very Mathew W, aged seventy nine, an Irish gentleman from a neighboring town, had his left eye operated upon perform iridectomy on account of the unyielding condition of the iris.

Clarified honey and maltine come under this class.

Tension is lowered and tendency to sleep is incKided in the A--ray field. On examination I found a characteristic case of typhoid fever, abdominal pain, tympanites, diarrhoea, and mild delirium. The excitants of smallpo.x seem to require a symbiotic organism, a streptococcus, to produce the characteristic lesions of the disease; inoculations with the virus in the absence of streptococci were unsuccessful.

Cardiac dulness commences at the fourth costal cartilage, and does not extend beyond the left sternal border; the impulse is felt in the fifth interspace, half an inch internal to the nipple line. On the present occasion I found this to be impossible. Tolu balsam; obtained by exudation from incisions in the trunk of the Myrospermum Toluiferum, according to the pharmacopceias (L., Bal'samum Traumat'icum. Page Version 1.05