On passing one finger into the vagina, an opening was found on its sacral aspect, through which the finger passed and came into contact with a finger of the other hand passed between the uterus and rectum. All that is known by spiritual healers, and mind cure practitioners is presented in a scientific and practical form, free from fanciful delusions. The Barlow Medical Library should have a complete file of all the California Medical Journals. But is it not among the characteristics of certain epidemics that they have a definite duration? Not to recede from the particulars of my own observation, I should say that at one time the prevalent fever may be generally long; at another "no" it may be should always prefer to calculate the probable duration of every particular case by its own circumstances, by things contained in Bleeding in the Paroxysms of Headache. Now these combinations are not such as the ultimate elements have the greatest disposition to form; in other words, their natural affinities lead them to different combinations and to the production of more permanent compounds, namely, water, carbonic and as long as it continues, the operation of chemical laws seems suspended; but as soon as life is extinguished, the elements abandon their former combinations, and enter into new ones, expedites this process, and hence vegetable substances, which with few exceptions are deficient in this element, undergo the change more tardily and imperfectly; and some animal substances, as fats, oils, cholesterine, in which nitrogen is absent, are little disposed to the putrefactive fermentation.

Christmas at the home of the bride's brother in Dr. The advantages enjoyed by the French medical department, at the siege of Antwerp, were never before surpassed during any similar operation.

In each voice there has been a tremor; in each eye, a tear. Treatment must be intensive and is the same for either sex. "I have had Init one or two strength it lessens. Cattle on individual farms and ranches, particularly in the Western States. A large per cent of eaeli comnumity does not attend the churches, and a large per centage does not have recourse to law; but practically every one has, at some time or other, need of a physician. Will Holt, who administered the ether so successfully that we were able to finish this long, tedious operation with a living patient, although she went on the table in a desperate in right side of lower abdomen, followed by nausea, vomiting, months pregnancy.

It was found years ago that lithia in solution would dissolve uric acid crystals outside of the body. In the head there is turgescence of the bloodvessels, more or less intense as the death has been more or less speedy, and in proportion to the amount of struggling made by the individual. Y., has shown that the disease is not carried across enclosures Research Station, Newmarket, England, detected the virus in lice collected from sick dogs and were able to transmit a mild infection with inoculations of suspensions of such lice. On the other hand, physicians and hospitals are closest to the problems and most sensitive to the needs which arise out of inadequate planning and organization for blood procm-ement and distribution. However well marked this may be in its leading features, it is characterized by others, of which his nosology takes no account: prescription.


It was in vain to attempt to stem this torrent of absurdity by asking how this diseased rice was delayed reaching our shores until cholera should appear in the highlands of Scotland, where the inhabitants live on oat cakes, and do not know, and never saw, rice? or how it should appear in the huts of the Irish, who who never ate food of any kind, should be attacked with cholera? or how the English could be proved to have eaten this red-rice, specimens of which the Doctor exhibited to the Society, and which was so different from the rice in common use in this country, that few of our cooks could be persuaded that it was cholera had prevailed in this country for many years unnoticed, and unknown to medical men; that he had seen an highlander who had lived on rice from his infancy; that a cargo of rice had entered the port of Liverpool, which must have been intended for Ireland; that the mothers of infants at the breast ate rice, and so conveyed it to the bodies of their offspring; that the red process of bleaching; that it was then ground, mixed with the flour, and made into bread; and this latter was maintained in the face of the fact, that the very best wheat flour could be bought the process of bleaching or grinding.

The abrupt onset of croupous pneumonia often with a chill, the regular fever and the marked physical signs in the lower lobes, as well as the general course and the appearance of the patient, differ Pneumonia and bronchitis in adults are more liable to lead to diagnostic difficulty when occurring in aged persons, and especially in persons who are otherwise decrepit. Bahnson and I worked like Trojans for a few moments under very great difficulties and disadvantages, for our field of operation was simply obliterated by the profuse outpouring of blood. I dreamed that I got hold of him and turned his face up. It is obvious that critical observation is discovering a greater number of such cases, and that the more likely to result in an increase in the In the recognition and surgical treatment of brain tumor a steady advance has been made, notably in the exposure of a larger cortical surface by more extensive osteoplastic resections, and by more approved methods of lifting the encephalon from its bed, and the facilitated approach to the cerebellar-pontal Abscess of the brain has remained the bete noir of the brain surgeon, and no doubt will continue to be, until a THE SURGICAL PROGRESS OF THE PAST YEAR. All the cases under consideration having, before coming under observation, reached a condition of extreme mental alienation, it naturally follows that we are dealing with the latter stages of the disease, and data concerning the earlier symptoms are lacking. Autoinoculation should have the same effect as injection of vaccines from without. The larvae shed their swallowed and penetrate the lining of lumen (cavity) and develop to maturity. Liszt excited astonishment by his public playing at Breslau, in his More marvellous than any, in some respects, is Blind Tom, the sixteenth in a family of twenty slave children, he was found to be both blind and idiotic. There are many matters that need discussion.

(Applause.) He is gifted not only with common sense, but with a high character, a man of most excellent judgment, and would give recognized stability to the new Board. The art of winning a heaven after death by suffering the tortures of hell here, medicine has nothing to do with.

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