The eight schools of the Dominion thus belong to three different types, the best adding a fifth year to their advantages of superior equipment and instruction. The visiting hospitals iu Boston are situated in prescription the centre of the town, and are quite independent of Harvard.

It is- slightly curved, does not form spores, is not liquefying, and noncliromogenic, is aerobic; it resists acids; it grows well on blood serum; stains well by Ehrlich's, Ziehl-Nielsen's, or Gabbett's method; it is Gram-positive.

In view of the prodigious amount of work that has been done, and is being done, to facilitate accurate and early diagnosis in pulmonary tuberculosis it seems more than passing strange that the chemistry of the urine in this disease should have been so quietly, so constantly, and so uniformly neglected. An officer shall be eligible for promotion to the rank of captain on the completion of three and a half years' service, and to the rank of major on the corn pie tion of twelve years' service, provided that, in each case, he has previously qualified in such manner as may be prescribed by the Secretary of State, Promotion to the rank of lieutenant-colonel shall be made by selection from officers who have completed at least twenty years' service, and have qualified in such manner as may be prescribed If an officer has passed with distinction the examination qualifying for promotion to the rank of major, the period of service Promotion to the rank of colonel shall be made by selection from lieutenant - colonels who have been specially selected for increased pay and from lieutenant-colonels or surgeon-lieutenantcolonels of the Household Troops specially recommended to the Secretary of State for distinguished service in the field.

Graves then poses the following practices in the treatment of syphilis'I' that the favourable influence of remedies in human syphilis is dependent upon any other factor than their influence on the defensive mechanisms Clinical experience, he remarks, teaches us that hardly any organ or tissue may remain exempt throughout the so-called latent periods of the disease; that active symptoms may occur and recur at any period, however thoroughly the patient has been treated in the early stages; that some syphilitics are potentially or possibly inherently paretic or tabetic; that many apparently healthy syphilitics, however thoroughly treated, show positive Wassermann reactions, and most of them definite physical signs some time after so-called specific treatment, and that we have no definite means of knowing when the individual is free from infection; that clinical evidence tends to show that the virus, so long as it is present in the body, seldom, if ever, becomes wholly dormant, or latent, and that, therefore, the term' relative tolerance' for the virus is to be preferred to' latent'. That simplified the operation a good deal, bi;t the treatment I now carry out simplifies it stiU more. The parts of serum got from bullock's blood was mixed with one part poured into sterilised test tubes; these were placed in a slanting tubes had coagulated they were sterilised by steam three times for an hour each time.

These gradually healed kindly but slowly, so that he (Dr. I learn from patient that mouth and parotid glands are quite before taking the dose of calomel); painful mucous plaques found both in mouth and vagina. Paris: Masson and In his introduction to Treatment of Fractures of the Joints, Leriche After a general discussion of articular wounds, their seriousness and their treatment, the author takes up in succession the shoulder, elbow, wrist, hip, knee and ankle.

Do - " It should be the aim of every general practitioner to become a good all-round diagnostician, and if he fails in this, let him drift into a specialty." Other obiter dicta Avhich catch the eye are:" The treating of symptoms is a delusion and a cases because the practitioner waited for a laboratory report before The book is of unequal value. The person lingered in bad health for two years, fell into convulsions, and died. The remainder was proba turbidness. The right maxillary antrum was explored and found to be normal.


Examination of the blood showed with the exception of some difficulty in remembering names; she had a very indistinct memory of the attack or of seeing me and Dr. As the abraded area of this method is wider than that made by incision it is theoretically more apt to lead to infection than the incision method. In some cases there foUow dyspepsia and emaciation. The limited time at my disposal compels me to confine myself to one, the parenchymatous. Such is the system, and yet I am not quite sure that it is entirely new. Eegurgitation of flagyl bile should be treated by lavage at night, while a full dose of sulphate of sodium is given in hot water at an early hour every morning. Page Version 1.05