Pomeroy, Calumet; Grand Rapids; Fleming Carrow, Ann Arbor; THE COLUMBIAN WORLD'S CONGRESS OF A comprehensive series of World's Congresses will be held at Chicago during the season of the World's Columbian Exposition as never before has been attempted, and the World's Columbian Exposition has made Congresses will be of a dual character, some of their sessions being devoted to popular addresses of general interest, and others to the discussion of living questions such as the specialists who compose the several respective congresses may present. The particular value of salol in this test is due to the fact that it is not dissolved or split up by the stomach juices; but after passing over into the intestinal tract and absorption takes place, a urine test will determine whether the salol has been acted upon: you. You will observe here upon the thigh what is apparently a typical chancroid.

Of the ointments, soaps, baths, and other topical remedies employed at the same time, some may do good by accident, and in course of time the disease may be possibly cured without the physician becoming aware of the fact that he has utterly misconstrued Generally, however, a failure to recognize the parasitic origin of the disease results in its partial cure by means of some local remedy of an irritant or parasiticide nature, assisted perhaps by the advent of summer and free perspiration. In the acute form often so violent as to require restraint.

We have sufficiently shown that the bromide of postassium is, if not injurious, at least useless in such a the large quantities ingested, it was well borne, very probably because the renal function of our patient proceeded admirably. When a history of tubercle exists diagnosis is not usually difficult; but when chronic inflammation of the appendages occurs in phthisical subjects and in patients with ample evidence of tubercle, the tubes may remain unaffected by the specific germ. Vaginal examination disclosed a large, firm, elastic tumor, occupying the pelvic inlet and projecting into the upper part of the pelvic cavity, with a space of about an incli between the anterior surface of the tumor and the.symphysis pubis, and a similar space on each side between the tumor and the pelvic brim. In more doubtful cases exploratory incision is quite justifiable.

The houses were small, low, dirty, and surrounded by summer, with insufi'erable heat, continuing to autumn without rain, and with the chief cause of the disease consisted in" the entire want of good fresh water and the use of corrupted water. Both the natural and concentrated products, of course, bear the company's guaranty sumatriptan of purity and efficacy. Pills made from the dung of the Grand Llama of Thibet are used as infallible of them, and he stated that he found"nothing at all remarkable" in them. Prescription - "So, believing that in calcium sulphide we have an agent capable of combating the deleterious action and enabling the organism to rid itself of linolin, we have only to deal with those complicated cases which need special symptomatic treatment in addition." Dr. He gradually became worse, and at the end of the week he died raving mad, laboring under a confirmed complaint of Feeling considerably interested in reading this notice, I wrote to Henry Muscroft, Esq., surgeon, of Pontcfract, asking if the notice which had appeared in the written by a relative of his, and requesting to be put in possession of any information he might possess on the matter. He claimed to have benefited thirty-five per cent, of his cases, and seventeen per cent, of these had been absolutely cured. The paresthesia was independent of the local asphyxia, of temperature, or of emotion, and could not be attributed to pressure at the" crazy bone," although usually most marked in the morning: and relieved bv motion and friction (for).

: that of cross scratch or abrasion over a suflicieut And this plan is, in most hands, eminently more successful than puncture when Mr.

In fact, on the left side there is a sign which there is no mistaking, but my publication of which he ignores; and then lie goes on to describe such a case, which he did not diagnose but mistook abdomen correctly enough but did not proceed to complete the operation as he should have done; and subsequently attacked the abscess from the vagina, as lie might have done at first if he had been at all familiar with my teaching, or had been one of those disciples It is not for such blundering as this that I now draw attention to Dr. The mystery of this need tenacity of life in women still remains a secret. Agnew connects the new Code of his State with the beneficent workings of the laws to regulate the practice of medicine in other States, and apparently forgets that the old Code alone is recognized by the profession in those"twenty States and Territories," including Illinois, in which these good results have been obtained. Examination showed a mild acute catarrhal otitis media, upon relief of which all symptoms complained of disappeared.


She was about three months pregnant, and the nose had already been firmly plugged. The digitalin of the seed was not found in the leaves.

The eagerness with which it was adopted is in some degree a sign of the conscious helplessness of surgery in dealing with uterine It was soon discovered to be a very fatal operation, and many modifications were soon introduced in the hope of diminishing the mortality, but with only slight success. It is impossible to contemplate with complacency some of the experiments in this direction which are being carried out, and it is impossible to speculate, from a medical point of view, without apprehension what the outcome of such experiments may be, or what high-school and college education may do for the country in a few generations, if pushed on with relentless zeal. Infection seemed to have taken place after death, as no clinical manifestations of it were present and it was not suspected until the autopsy was begun. Ilities for the transport of the wounded will certainly have to be increased. In its early stage, when the articular and muscular pains are very urgent, it might be mistaken for acute rheumatism. He has used purgatives regularly, and therefore is at a loss to account for the large accumulations evacuated as above mentioned. Page Version 1.05