Quite a large proportion of the names in any dictionary of Dickens's characters would fall under the headings of unfortunate, poor, sick, crazy or bad. If it be yet intact, the limb is placed in flexion and adduction before dividing the capsule by a pointed bistoury: sx. Lichen; secreting affections, eczema, dartrous impetigo, mentiigra, pituite, blennorrhagia, leucorrhcea, rebellious diarrhoeas; often ascites, and hydropericarditis, increased generalize themselves, and visceral disorders occur. Messenger knew a family in which constipation had been hereditary for several generations. The Senate, it appeared, made a most fundamental change in the constitution of the University by the adoption of the Act, and that was against the spirit and intention of tlie charter, if it were done without the concurrent consent of the House. Would it not be better if men devoted their made, cither on a particular Society or individual, it needs a reply; and, although our friend seems to be ashamed of his name, we must treat him as Ens rationis. When this position is reached, will the public, and will the medical profession, have anything to gain from changes in the laws of the country by which medical practice is made strictly illegal in the hands of those without a degree or a diploma? The affirmative answer is not so clearly indicated as might be expected.

If the authority looks to the medical officer for strictly medical guidance, the medical officer on his side has to learn to give the reason for the advice which he tenders, and so becomes familiar with the points which laymen, many of them as well educated and as capable as himself, find hard to The War has brought a wider diftusion of sanitary sense, and a quickened avowal of the public debt to medicine. The position of these various buildings, and of the different hotels which offer special rates to the members of the Association, is shown on the accompanying map, which may prove of much use to those readers of the Medical News who intend to be present at the meeting. A VOICE FROM THE OUT-PATIENT DEPARTMENT. State Committee for Student Affiliation in the Field of Public Health: Montana Health Planning Council: Walter G. Then of a sudden he would start to his feet, walk excitedly about the room, complain of actra thirst, and be seized with a fit of spasmodiu retching and vomiting. Vomiting, nocturnal delirium, contraction of the maxiUse and the muscles of the neck came on, and the patient died ten on account ot general feebleness and leucorrhoea, work unaccompanied by organic uterine lesion. Finance Committee: Alan Maefarlane, Chairman, Salt Lake City; Charles Ruggeri, Jr., Salt Lake City; Frank K, Bartlett, Ogden; Homer E. However, tlie limb could not? be jiernianently assumed; but one as near to it as practicable, and still attended by maintenance of the proper position of the head of the humerus, was found by sliugirig the wrist, tied high up to the neck with a triangular bandage, the hand lying on the top of the right shoulder.

With the act of defecation a part of the oil will also be seen to pass, and apart of the oil will be retained in the canal. Public relations is the responsibility of all the people in and connected with the profession, and not just the offenders. I would advise those similarly placed to trj- the same method. The lower lateral iiuisors also come lirst into jiosition at this iign. THE COLORADO STATE MEDICAL SOCIETY Ternii of Officers and Committees expire at the Annual Session in the year indicated. ' present, and on Saturday the list of the first batch of successful candidates was issued; another has been issued this week, and when all have been published, they will appear in the Journal.

Who will classify for us the causes that lead to sym.pathetie ophthalmia, and exidain why it should occur in some instances, aud Although many interesting observations have been made which aid in tho solution of the difficult (piestion of the etiology of sympathetic ophthalmia, there is still wide divergence of opinion in regard to the mode in wliich the disease is propagiitod amongst those who are best qualified to juge, a want of agreement that is probably due to real differences in dill'erent cases, and, perhaps, also due"to imiicrfect observation.

With a small rongeur all sharp edges of bone on the margin should be snipped off. He said also that many leading members of the profession were in favour of the abolition of the voting system, and were sure that sooner or later their point Charity. Steel (Abergavenny), ivith reference to the class of cases described by Dr. Tiie results of the post-mortem examination in Morrison's case.ire interesting, and help us to uaJeritand wliy the operation failed of success.

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