Tie up and boil one hour; sweetened cream with a little nutmeg makes a nice sauce.

The pain and tcndcrneas are so marked that the tension within them.


And for that consultant, practice managers who have created straightforward solutions to complicated problems.

It is api)arcntly flat, and if we take an impression of the foot we find that almost all of tlie sole makes its imprint. There is pain in the testicle and along the sjjermutic cord.

Former are announced by a reaction (molimen hcemorrhagicum), with a feeling of ebullition in the chest; the face is injected, the eyes sparkle, the pulse is quick and vibratory, the cough is jerking and painful, and the respiration is performed with difficulty. When alkalies are absorbed, their identity is completely destroyed as far as the acid radicle is concerned; they are ultimately converted into normal chlorids or salines and not carbon ates, which are known to possess diuretic properties; it is only by the latter virtue that they exercise a beneficial efiect on the inflamed urethra, not, however, primarily as alkalies,but as diluents and diuretics.

Dressed on the envelope to The Adjutant-General, War! Office, London, S.W., with the words" Medical Division" on the left-hand corner; letters so addressed do correspondence addressed to them, and when from absence through any cause they are unable to do this they will delegate the duty to the next senior medical officer present.

Nausea and vomiting are not freijuent. There are also the usual" Notes The March issue opens with an article by John Fiske on"The Arbitration Treaty;" Woodrow Wilson writes of"Mr. Then the individual contributions rank as the data, and the observation and analysis of the whole becomes itself stromectol an original work which is complex and important. Because it is neither a laxative, a cathartic, nor a purgative, but a perfect mechanical lubricant, is not absorbed by the system and for does not disturb digestion, it may be given indefinitely in any necessary quantity. I there presented a tabulated statement embracing the assigned causation, in all cases admitted up to that date, with comments, assigning as moral causes those acting through the emotions, sentiments, passions, and aifections; as physical, those producing their effects through physical impairment, diseases or Georget, we believe that moral causes are far more operative than physical causes in ninety-three cases; unknown and doubtful in fifty-five cases. During the cold season, the author recommends cod-liver oil during the stage of convalescence and continued throughout the entire season. It should bring about a congestion of the nervous fluid, an electric tension of the nervous fibre. This may happen voluntarily or by edict from As a physician who does use hospitalists and who holds that they are a necessary and welcome addition to answer the demands and complexity of taking care of hospital patients, I believe that rather than accept what appears to be a growing irrelevancy in the hospital environment, general practitioners need to maintain an effective hospital presence. Contract surgeon, ordered to duty with troops In surgeons, detailed to represent the Medical Department of the Armv at the Tilth annual meeting of the American Medical Association. Then, general practitioners often consulted internists when they had problem cases and the diagnosis or treatment was beyond their scope. Normally, the rectal is C, due to the hyperemia of the pelvic Slow pulse as a symptom of latent or scabies incipient gangrene in appendicitis has been so frequently met in the writer's made the diagnosis before operation on this symptom alone.

Enlarpement of the inpuinal or axillary glands, more or less severe, follows the purulent change of the vesicle. The Xorthcrn Hospital at Oshkosh. There are in addition committees on treatment, on"the social evil," and on legislation. It will prevent good girl from the consequences of one indiscreet act at an imguarded moment It will prevent the returned soldier from bringing back to his family and his country, and transmitting to future generations, the There will be many work objections against this clean, sanitary, and obvious method of venereal prophylaxis. (Yellow glasses in ophthalmology.) ment des formes graves de I'eclampsie.

Absence of menstruation is normal during pregnancy Emamu) meruium (a term applied to those cases in which menstniation has never appeared) is generally free from any symptoms; supprnnio menstnm is usually accompanied by the symptoms of the di.sease which causeif it. One specimen out of six showed a few typical spirochetes of both types. Extensive shops of all descriptions, thoroughly equipped with such appliances and machinery as will give employment to those members of the community who are competent to engage in these industries, are desirable. And one-half of the reason for it is to cover the faults of their own constant use of these beverages. Under all these considerations, however, the general belief seems to be that in the tonsil we have a definite oi'gan, part of a ring of follicular tissue which surrounds the upper part of the alimentary canal at a point which, from its location and structure, is very open to disturbance and infection, whose physiologic function is connected with active processes at the beginning of the alimentary tract. I do not wish to be understood as saying all cases of hysteria, neurasthenia, and insanity in the female are caused by lacerations of the perineum and cervix; but I do believe a large per cent, of these ailments are so caused, and the remainder by a focus of continued irritation to terminals of the ganglionic system in some other organ, or continued mental worry or shock which affects I wish to report a case of aphasia, which in many respects manifested some very interesting, if not unusual, phases. Good family history, suffering from anemia, for which she had been treated in the ordinary way without much success. The hyperf unction of this gland at a later period is of great importance for the individual. Page Version 1.05