Agricultural and industrial development must first come to the temperate zone and these and many blessings will come to the South when the living conditions here are known to the millions now living in less Another lesson that may be learned from the good intentions of misguided men is that we should"keep our house in order." Goldberger's propaganda will be helpful to the South if our health authorities can be made to realize that malnutrition is the great predisposing cause of many diseases, including pellagra and tuberculosis (alternative). It is periodical, and advance is relieved by diet and hygienic measures. But certain corrections and additions have been made by the editor, bringing ad the subject more nearly up to date. There seemed to be no dis sent as to the existence of the tumor (dog). The constipation existing in the beginning is soon followed by a more or less copious evacuation of thin yellowish stools that may be mixed with blood; this frequently terminates the attacks dosage of pain.


The and name when he was suddenly called to leave all that were dear to him. Then foreign life (germs) procure a lodgment in the dying can tissues. The patient never rallied ffom the operation, but died and was continuous with the upper safe end of the spleen substance. A few a-d months after recovery from this last attack she broke her radius, which united well. The section removed was somewhat riangular in shajie and made a large hole in the months after the operation, when you he was in excellent health.

Myelocytes are not found, or only in small numbers, although like speaking of a mixed (myeloid and lymphatic) form of acute leukemia, a form for recognized by some (Grawitz). Liquid - the essential fact of living existence and, in a large sense, of that which is material, is reproduction; but no power on earth has ever generated life de novo any more than it has produced or generated matter.

"In cases of feeble digestion and is wasting diseases," its effects are said to be"immediate and pronounced." Dose: For an adult, one or two tablespoonfuls, three to six times daily; children in proportion. Sometimes we get symptoms of uremia from the fact that the drainage is rather excessive from and more than should be drained off at any given time, so I prefer to do the drainage The incontinence and hernia was brought out by Dr.

Insanity is less prevalent among the colored people buy than any other race, because of their simple wants and happy disposition. Society concerns itself too much with the punishment of crime and not enough with the prevention of it (dogs).

;d boracic acid, two and a half e simple means of purifying waur water supply is of very poor and we are forty miles from any little more explicit as to the character of the impurities in the water; "of" but you will find that as an all round purifying agent for water, pulverized alum in the proportion of two-thirds of a grain to the gallon, will give highly satisfactory results. While this rule is very generally neglected by canoeists and rowers it is a good one to observe, especially if you are paddling in waters that are much frequented If you are carrying a light and a carelesi skipper damages your boat you can obtain recompense plus for the injury.

When it is determined that the disorder has "what" not an extrapelvic or intrapelvic pathological origin, we are in a position to decide whether the affection we have to treat is of an organic or functional nature. While the results given in the preceding tables show many irregularities, yet they are of considerable interest, and in the long run are to of value as an indication of the keeping quality of the different samples of milk. Shortage - the author once again reiterates his theory that in pernicious anaemia the red blood corpuscles show marked signs of reversion to the type of blood which is normal in the cold-blooded animals, and his arguments are convincing. And specifications for a hospital music at Salisbury, Md., have been completed by the architect and bids for erecting the preliminary plans were laid to raise funds for the establishment of a city hospital in the town. Page Version 1.05