For more information, in Northern New Jersey call Fred Lehmann at Additional information available to the profession on request.

The comparative gravity of the various valvular affections is given differently by different authorities. I referred him to a physician in his own town for treatment, recommendine mercury and neosalvarsan. Doyle, the resident physician, to whom we are greatly indebted for his assiduous care of this patient and also of the second one during the reaction period.


I have delivered a girl of ten years at full term, before she had ever menstruated; also a young married woman at fifteen who had three successive children before she had menstruated. This condition is probably a chronic inflammatory condition where there is produced a contraction of newly-formed fibrous tissue Tuberculous ulcers of the stomach or gastric ulcers associated with tuberculosis were at one time thought very rare. Thus we have periostitis, osteitis, exostosis, caries, and necrosis, as the diseases which may. The earliest and most prominent symptom and due to changes in the lung itself. There has never been any question in regard to the proper treatment of pancreatic abscess. D., the substance of which will be of interest to many of our readers. Pills - whereupon she said:" They have been in my ear for forty yean:' She said that when nine years old she had poked two apple-seeds into her left ear, which her mother had tried to remove, but had not succeeded. Lundy, Arterial disease, treatment of. The tone of the little society is a cheerful one.

In all instances a decrease in serum potassium and chloride concentrations and an increase in carbon dioxide combining power was observed. It may be this that accounts for Scholtz and others prescribing simultaneously two or three of these salts rather Iodide of rubidium acts well, and has few byeffects, but it is expensive.

The room was formally and reception to which doctors and members of College of Surgeons, the principal speaker of the occasion, talked on the advantages of a medical library and praised the library and the staff Medical Society, who had driven in from Peoria for the occasion, said a few words of congratulation. The edges of the synovial membrane are then pulled well out through the gap in the fibrous capsule, rolled back over the edges of this capsule and sutured with catgut to its outer surface, so as to leave no exposed edge of synovial membrane. The supinator longus does not act on either side. Our Governor threatened the Medical Society with a lawsuit, charging restraint of trade when we proposed to not bill for our services to Medicaid patients, thereby causing our State not to qualify for federal support. The days have given air like that from the blast of a fiery furnace, while the nights have been intolerable from heat.

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