As regards the treatment of the pedicle, Schroeder favors the extra-peritoneal method of securing it by means of a clamp, provided that the pedicle is sufficiently long. It was impossible for us to attempt to correlate with these different readings any crude observations as to psychical state (degree of suppressed excitement, the influence of the novelty of the situation and of the observation of pulse countings upon other girls, etc.;, but every effort was made to minimize these factors by previous, repeated instructions the evening before, when the girls were cautioned to lie quietly in the morning with no muscular movements.

Eelapses are certainly induced by too early a return to animal food, however simple, and the employment of beef tea is particularly to be deprecated.

In the administration of arsphenamine the most satisfactory results, in the long run, are obtained by the use of the gravity method, employing a dilution of or the use of some similar adapter, tends to make the actual insertion of the needle into the vein a much easier process. It is almost needless, after what has been said, to add that diseases of the brain or spinal cord, severe forms of fever and suppurative processes, intestinal or pnlmonary tuberculosis, malignant growths and syphilis, diseases of the heart and blood vessels, hsemorrhagic diathfsis, excessive menstruation, profuse hsemorrhoidai flux and well-developed haemorrhoids, severe anaemia or cachexia and atrophy, cirrhosis or malignant disease of the Jiver and ascites, Britjht's disease or albuminuria depending upon renal disease, the advanced forms of diabetes and neurasthenia, will derive I have not attempted in this brief sketch to point out all the conditions that might be benefited hy Carlsbad, but have selected those in which it may be profitable to my countrymen in India. Free incisions were made with a view to giving free exit to the discharge, and saving cent the fore-arm. Drumhead bulging, red and thick, especially Shrapnell's and posterior segment. Most American surgeons now-a-days put little restraint upon their patients, do not keep them in bed, and close only one eye. Nurses are bound, by their very position, to render loyal obedience to medical men.

We will, therefore, without further preface or apology, place before our readers a.


Would not be fair to draw any deductions from the very Mr.

These being thoroughly trained and organised in first aid, should follow up the fighting line as close as possible, and should remove the wounded as rapidly us possible to the collecting and dressing stations, and thence to the field hospitals. And 60 the king's only probable chance of offspring, and the accoucheur were ordered to consider this chance.

The glands are arranged in five groups. Soulages, as well online as his predecessors, have all placed the commencement of the malady in a corn on the sole of the foot.

The Civil Hospital being only a few yards away he was carried there at once, aniving simultaneously with myself.

It is not necessary, however, to carry our zest for laboratory- procedure to the extent de.scribed in a case reported by Dr. In a little time a few wandering cells (leucocytes) approach the injured region; by the next day these are present in fair numbers, and can be seen to have taken up the particles of carmine immigration of leucocytes. He was called to see with symptoms of swelling and some pain in the throat, but no fever. This treatment, when reviewed, may to some seem like hyper-medication; but all that we advised are in reality food with the exception of the bismuth powder and the aromatic: buy. Hliter's proposition that suppuration can only be induced by microbes has been repeatedly shown to be erroneous. These balls were inclosed in a bag, which was secured to his jjcrson in such a manner that it could not slip.

But it must be borne in mind that it is with extreme reluctance that Indian women submit to any surgical treatment whatever. In afternoon bad an access many alternations as to pain, vomiting, and amount of pus discharged. When this suggestion was made to the patient he readily consented to an operation being undertaken. Nowadays less attention is directed to this side of the inflammatory process, and it may be said that during the last ten years little advance has been made in determining the mechanism of the The subject, indeed, is beset with difiiculties. "The Scotch miinsters take to these university degrees like a set of hungry wolves. One of the diiiiculties experienced in disposing of the museum arose from tlie fact that, at ihe time of French Revolution. There was very little vomiting. (d) Most micro-organisms require free oxygen for their growth and development; but there are some which cannot thrive in an atmosphere containing oxygen.

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