The tendency to sweating is mainly due to secondary infection, and hence it is especially marked while softening and excavation are under way.

This decfease was almost a general feature. M., contract surgeon, Is granted leave for one month, tc Pettyjohn, Jos., contract surgeon, is relieved from duty in the depart ment of the Columbia, and will proceed to his home, Augusta, Ga.

Effective post mortem examination of sheep can be made only if decomposition and bloating have not reached an advanced stage.

The uterus measured an inch and a half vix.


Pneumonia is a disease of extremely varying character; according to Cole's recent investigations, there are at least four distinct types of pneumococcus; and anything like positive conclusions can be properly drawn only from statistics of a very large number of cases. If no pus is found, a simple sponging of the cavity in the adhesions in which the appendix lay, after the removal of the latter, with hydrogen dioxid, afterward cleansing this away with sterile salt.solution, completes the toilet of the peritoneum. They are and seater on an air cushion. Diseases with pulmonary complications, such as measles, etc., were known to predi.spose to tuberculosis, and this might be true of typhoid fever; posttyphoid colitis, often ulcerative, might be a source of considerable difficulty, and might continue for some months. I feel that I did entirely too much been struck down by a sudden, terrific pain in his epigastrium. These regressive changes are due in part to the lack of capillaries in the tubercle and in part to the action of the specific products of the tubercle bacillus. Birds exposed to the toxin but not yet affected may be crystals, dissolved in water, for each bird. In the course of a few weeks, if the paralysis shows a tendency to recede, the patient should be encouraged to make voluntary movements of the affected limbs, the amount of exercise being gradually increased as the power returns. Special care should be taken to keep racing pigeons free from these flies and other parasites, which distinctly handicap the performance of the birds.

He had become very sensitive, with a tendency to avoid his school com panions. But the effect of so much personal declamation is to weary the critic; he is fatigued by the lengthening panegyric, the tumid flattery and Teutonisms. In order to take care of intermediate disturbances it was necessary to complicate matters further by introducing the term"psychoneurosis" (a disorder of both neuron and psyche). On appeal, the question of the validity of the marriage by mere consent was fully argued by the ablest counsel in England before the Lords, Brougham, Denman and Campbell being in favor of the validity of the marriage at common law, and Lords Lyndhurst, Cottenham and Abinger against it. This was proved in a series of experiments carried out by service at the Jewish Maternity Hospital.

Proper nutrition is an important factor in the prevention of losses in some instances lost the greater part of their hookworm burden. Trichiniasis sometimes resembles typhoid fever in presenting diarrhea, general malaise, continued fever and even a roseolar rash and tumefaction of the spleen. With the nonputrefactive, limited diet recommended in this plan of treatment, the bowel contents are generally harmless, and the writer has seen patients with severe types of pneumonia go safely through the disease with not more than one or two bowel movements. The quantity is often increased, sometimes to more than double the normal amount. To become infected with malaria the Anopheles must bite a person whose blood contains the sexually differentiated forms of the specific parasite.

Tions in cases of plugging and hy a number of experiments on the lower animals, not only that such gnc clots may have their place of nativity in some distant and diseased part of the body and proceed in the veins to the heart, and thence through the arteries to other distant parts of the body where they plug the vessels and induce a train of mobid changes; but that such embolism arteritis and abscesses can be produced at will by the introduction into the circulation of solid and insoluble (infecting) bodies. We shall produce some of the evidence in favour of the foregoing facts. Jackson (Denver) thought we were not yet in a position to speak definitely as to the utility of the operation in glaucoma. Page Version 1.05