There are four simple elementary taste qualities: sour, sweet, salty, and bitter. It has already fastened itself on the spina! cord, and its poisons flow in the blood of probably as many as ten thousand human beings in the States to-day.

Shabket contributed an account of three cases. Our knowledge of the actual remedies is extensive enough for present purposes; the only difliculties in the way consist in the lack of a disposition to apply theories to practice, and thus enrich an experience in the actual treatment of disease, which the profession of medicine so mucli needs.

Late Resident no Physician in the Edinburgh Royal Infirmary. The nerves of sensation were soft and came from the brain proper, while those issuing from the cerebellum were firm and were devoted to motion. Profuse mucopurulent discharge and marked injection of the conjunctiva and the ulceration of the cornea involved one-half of its diameter.

My first two patients were entirely cured by electricity (faradaic and galvanic curreu's), together with the use of medicines (iodide of potassium, sulphur), against which, however, no particular treatment had child.

From that point to within four inches of the ileo-csecal valve, there was considerable congestion of the mucous membrane. Perfectly quiet for a time as a result of motor inhibition, the anxious patient may suddenly make a suicidal attempt, or he may become violent and try to injure his surroundings (incendiarism, homicide). No great ingenuity is required to diagnosticate a malignant growth if one can palpate a distinct tumor of the stomach and find all other signs and symptoms of malignancy. Another medical person, in London, is said to have cured himself of this disease by studying mathematics with great attention; which exertion of the mind relieved the pain of the maniacal hallucination. Darling has initiated a movement for the encourage- i ment of dissection among practitioners in the city, the' ticket of Practical Anatomy being offered gratis to all graduates, in regular practice here, who have before pursued a course of dissection. This fact alone might readily mislead one in underestimating the seriousness of a patient's condition.

Mary's Hospital, and that arrangements had been made to commence drill at once.

Radiale, the radial canada muscles of the sub-umbrella of Myotalgia, mi-:-tal'-je-ah). L., Carpo-metacarpal, xr Palmar, those joining the palmar surfaces of the metacarpal to the carpal bones. Great care must be employed to avoid any risk of bronchial or pulmonary complications. Perception of pain is unquestionably a cerebral function, and yet the brain itself (with the possible exception of the basal ganglia), so far as we know, is insensitive to the stimuli which give pain at the periphery. A third resolution, expressing the opinion of the meeting that it would tell disastrously upon the extramural schools if their students were to be compelled to pay the Medical Board a larger fee than students of the universities, was likewise adopted.

They do not invade the cerebral tissues, but can be readily dislocated from their cavity or nest, leaving a smooth surface.

In cutis anserina the"chilliness" contains besides its cold component also a factor due to the stimulation of the touch points by contraction of the musculi pilorum. Is it a specific -tubercle, or an inflammation, or a parasite? Judged by its pathological and clinical history, it is each prescription and all of these at once.


It follows from this that it should be possible to modify or interrupt nervous vibrations due to natural causes by mechanical means.

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