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Welch combitic thought that the changes in the vessels of the kidneys as well as the changes in the larger vessels elsewhere might be explained by hypertension. In view of the great injury to the scientific proceedings at Boanoke last year by the time consumed in the discussion of a proposed plan of reorganization of the Society, the Business Committee of the Society, as also the Local Committee of reviews Arrangements, had practically unanimously arranged for the going through with the scientific program first and then take up as much time as might be desired in the further consideration of the"proposed reorganization plan." But since the issue of the official program, as some members of the Society who favor the proposed reorganization plan have expressed objection to such an arrangement, the local Committee of Arrangements as well as the Business Committee unanimously withdraw all suggestions on the subject; and during Tuesday its own time for the consideration of the matter. Thorough ventilation of the toilet-rooms should be planned for and they should be kept clean The water-closets may be in the basement if properly constructed for if toilet-rooms are kept buy clean and water-closets well flushed they will not be necessary. Occasionally a family will become lax in sanitary matters; build a pig sty so that it will drain towards the spring, or do some other equally unsanitary act, with typhoid as a Tti a paper entitled"An Unappreciated attention to the infection of railroad beds as a factor in the spread of typhoid: mg. Thus operation should be considered only after massage has failed and since the particular operative procedure to be adopted depends upon the morbid process present in the vesicle, vas or ejaculatory duct, it behooves the surgeon to ascertain the nature and extent of the pathological lesions present (tablets). They live in fair comfort on moderate protein and little or no carbohydrate as long as the fat is "st-20" kept suitably low.

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