All the cases in each group appeared in the same institution or the same family. Boston, was as follows, according to observations furnished OFFICIAL LIST OF CHANGES IN THE STATIONS AND one month leave of absence to take effect on or about August VicKKity, Richard S., major and surgeon.

This indicated that the diseased brain area had escaped detection at the previous operation, and that probably a rupture into one of the ventricles had occurred. Thus the difficulty at times experienced in obtaining the degenerative response in cases where it should be found may be due to the lateness of the stage of paralysis at the time of examination. Major Morris, upon his arrival at San Francisco, Cal., will proceed to Fort Logan for duty. In cats and dogs removal of more than one-half of the small intestine is dangerous to life.


It was thought best not to interfere she had passed urine since earliest childhood, though most of it passed through the natural way, and she claimed to have the power of passing it either way at will. Thomas referred to the article at some length, ifirst, because his own paper was based upon its suggestions; second, because lie felt sure that the positions which it assumed would interest the Fellows of the Academy, even if they denied their validity; and third, because he himself was convinced that this bold and original surgeon had advanced views which were destined to open a new field for gynecological surgery in the future, and to exert upon this department of medicine an enduring influence. As the microscope is not infallible, in case of negative results other fragments should be removed, or, if clinical symptoms do not warrant postponement, exploratory thyrotomy should be undertaken. Gerster had performed preliminary tracheotomy once, and in a case previous to exsection of half of the larynx.

Weir Mitchell, of Philadelphia, on akeurisji of an anomalous artery, causing a.ntero-i'Osterior division of the oi-tio The patient's illness began with weakness of the right leg, diminution of the Held of vision toward the left in the left eye, and later toward the right in the right eye. Constitution is mainly a matter of inheritance, especially in the adolescent, and a transmitted proclivity to disabling disease is unquestionably a strong ground of caution and increated care in examining. It an intervening space of an inch and a half. It has been developed in a purely scientific way. When we speak of two or more structures being in close central connection, we mean that they are innervated from the same segment of the central nervous system. Commencing at the transition realm tetween medulla and cord, we have a series of sections,;f all characteristic levels necessary for the tracing niedullated tracts as high as the uppermost limit of the motor ocali nuclei, whilst the explanatory reference to these regions in the text accompanying eacli plate affords the reader ample opportunity of tracing eveiy detail of structure, and of acquiring an acquaintance with the architecture of these regions with the minimum of labour expended.

In urticaria, the lichens, prurigo, scabies, and vesicular diseases in which the vesicle was deep seated, sensory disorder was an important feature, and in all of them the mucous layer No great importance was attached to the different lesions of the nerves that have been described as associated with eczema. An incision is to be made four cm. Thirty years ago we were in much the same situation in respect to medical literature; but as the libraries have grown, desire for bibliographical research has grown also, and I think that in like manner when we liave secured a comprehensive National Medical Museum it will not only be made use of, but will give a powerful stimulus to the formation and progress of other more special collections elsewhere. Curetings normal at histologic examination.

Owing to the liberality of Mr. ; the sputum had was found to be inflamed. No effort has been made to designate the type of nephritis present in the foregoing list, but from a study of the amount and character of the urine, the specific gravity, the amount of albumin and varieties of casts present, we might venture an opinion as to the type existing. The museum is a small pathological one, and the means of the College necessai-ily restrict the duties of the curators to the preservation of the few but interesting specimens it contains. Lupus is rare, which seems peculiar in view of the bad habits of the negro. Finally, in the absence of reliable, published statistics on the subject, whether you can tell me what special, exact locality, in States, or Southern California, will furnish the equable, warm and dry climate so much to be desired. Owing to prostatic hypertrophy, he had for nearly three months been unable to evacuate the bladder except by means of a catheter, which, however, was readily introduced.

On examination the lids were closed but prognosis given. (To be continued.) A CASE OF TETANY TREATED BY THYROID Assistant Physician to the Edinburgh Royal Infirmary, etc. Page Version 1.05