The Jillson family is undeniably Scotch but the date of the coming of the ancestors to this country is unknown. Should the surgeon have to resort to their use he must be most careful to see that perfect drainage is established in order to avoid progressive necrosis of the fragments to which the screws are attached. VISITING SURGEON TO CHARITY HOSPITAL, NEW ORLEANS; CHIEF OF CLINIC, CHAIR OP SURGERY, TUI.ANE MEDICAL COLLEGE; FELLOW OP THE SOUTHERN SURGICAL AND GYN.ECOLOGICAL SOCIETY.

After serving his apprenticeship he worked at his trade for about two years.

The cough is dry, hard, sonorous, and painful (barking), often occurring in fits and seeming to come from the depth of the chest. Of the skin surface, extensive or minute, favor infection, dermal irritation and inflammation. In the first place note that practically the entire weight of the body with the exception of the lower limbs is supported upon the upper part of the sacrum. Internal treatment should be directed from the very inception of the disease to the preservation of the integrity of the blood corpuscles and the elimination of the poison. "Pain does not originate within the abdominal organs, which are supplied only with sympathetic and the vagus nerves. By simple questions as to name, age, or previous life, we can establish whether consciousness is clear or not, and if capacity for apprehension, and immediate utilization of sensory impressions are maintained. An upward subluxation may produce a greater depression median to the spine owing to the rapid forward as well as upward trend of the posterior surface of the sacrum. Few, very few of us have ever seen the empire of China, but we know perfectly well that China, in all directions, is scarified by navigable canals. To this end it is necessary that every prejudice should be removed, and our farmers convinced that the merino sheep by care and attention in the choice of their rams, may be made to produce mere Jine wool than they can obtain of coarse xvool from other races. While it is not true that the force sufficient to reduce a lesion is SUFFICIENT TO PRODUCE ONE, yet there is enough of truth in it to be worthy of notice. TJnder no circumstances is the patient treated by the medical adviser, and every effort is made to have the patient place himself under the care of his family physician.


The condition as well 20 as the position of the lungs, is determined by percussion and auscultation. With all his industry he always kept in mind the welfare of those near and dear to him. Ordinarily this dressing does not have to be changed until union is completed, unless the patient should be careless and cause it to become soiled. Examination of the fauces shows a general hyperemia; the tonsils are enlarged. The points of interest in connection with this case are, in the first place, the easy diagnosis of dilated gall bladder on account of the position and character of the tumor. TYPHOID, GASTRIC, OR BILIOUS FEVER. After seven months of travel and recreation he returned north and became an engineer with the Wabash Railroad Company. The pleural cavity was then washed out daily with antiseptic solutions (carbolic, alcoholic and boracic at different periods ); and from time to time portions of gangrenous lung tissue presented at the wound and were removed.

Noose the presenting hmb, and pushing back upon it and the buttocks, bring up first the hock and then the foot, bending all the joints to their utmost. There was not very great abdominal distention. Lay the animal on the opposite side of the body; maintain the body immovable by a strong sheet carried between the thighs and held by several men or fixed to a firm object; attach a band round the limb above the hock and let two men drag upon this, or one man carefully with the aid of a block and tackle; meanwhile the operator, seizing hock and stifle, must turn the upper depressed; if inivard a smooth round billet of wood is to be placed between the thighs to act as a fulcrum upon which the limb is depressed when sufficiently stretched; if outioard the lower part of the limb must be drawn outward and upward, while weight is thrown on the thighbone; or by movements of the Kmb it may be changed to a dislocation forward and reduced from that position. The glutei muscles and other external rotators, are usually torn or put on a stretch: st. In a certain percentage of such cases there will still be a partial failure to adjust and a real and chronic lesion prevails.

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