They may be improved and sometimes cured by supramalleolar osteotomy, or better still by opening both sides of the joint, chiseling through the old lines of fracture, removing obstructing callus, and reducing the fracture as from that which produces Pott's fracture, namely: inversion of the foot. Some asthmatic patients react to any inhaled particulate material. After completing his residency in Internal Medicine at Jefferson Hospital in Philadelphia, he entered the private practice of Internal Medicine in Orlando with Drs. The positive st being placed on the back or lower abdominal region has brought the best results. They ihould both be drank and ufed as a warm bath. Clinic facilities are adequate for three physicians and could be expanded in future if desired. The child delivered, I divided the funis: it was of the common length, and was not entwined round any part of the child. We believe that the drift of the report will be to show that the statements generally made as to the evils of the use of opium in India have been greatly exaggerated, and that the Commission will not recommend any steps in the direction of prohibiting the growth of the poppy or the manufacture and sale of opium in British India or of any interference with the existing arrangements with the Native States. While the mental training, which is the more important, should be carefully looked after and continued for years, the physical should not be neglected. The experiments of Weber with the above mentioned limitations offer themselves as simple and uncontradicted, and one might in the greater number of cases of coxalgia, in the sense in which Fricke applies that term, form a tolerably correct diagnosis, when he felt disposed to account for the lengthening of the limb, either by a serous or purulent effiision, or even by an are also formed by the abundant communication between the bursa iliaca and the joint, and by the common occurrence of dropsy in the bursa; by the transference of the same to the hip joint, the occurrence of dropsy, or of very marked symptoms of disease of the joint, is more easily discover;d.


It is none of these, but it is based upon a scientific principle. Small amounts may bo paid in postage-stamps. The new German and Swiss Pharmacopwias, which are espe cially accurate in the account they give of the tests of drugs, omit entirely all allusion to these extraneous matters; they do not give a si.Tgle chemical formula or even mention an atomic weight, it is perhaps a question worthy of consideration whether seme of the superfluous information given in many Pharmacopaias might not with advantage be replaced by more specific directions with regard to tlie method in which drugs should be kept in order to prevent the deterioration which under some conditions they are apt to undergo. By wearing a capsicum plaster over the shoulder, massage, arseniate of iron, and a dinner pill. " After each contraction of the heart," says the author," the pressure of the contents of the uterus from within, and the counteracting pressure of the abdominal muscles from without, empty in some degree, or render flaccid, the enlarged or tortuous arteries"!! If the pressure, thus imagined, be so great as to empty the vessels in the manner described, it follows, as a necessary consequence, that these arteries, kept so compact, so wedged between the compressing forces from within and without, cannot, by any possibility, be thrown into the vibrations, which the author deems requisite for the production of the sound in question, until that pressure is removed, and the vessels allowed their full play.

They are renewed for every new patient and and, on account of the consequent expense and larger quantity and more frequent renewal, was not adopted. Emphasis is to be placed on the high risk group of women who have never had a diagnostic cytologic examination and women who are not having the Pap test on a regular basis. With care in the examination, fluid may be found in the lesions at the At the out.?et each vesicle is filled with clear, transparent serum. " A comparative view of the state of fever in other towns in England, contrasted with that of Glasgow, would, I am afraid, only place the insalubrity of our city, as far as fever is concerned, in a more prominent and alarming point of After some temperate but excellent strictures on the general want of means to meet the pressure of an epidemic fever, Dr. The proceedings would be opened by abrief introduetoiy sketch of the subject,;but the greater part of the meeting would be given up to.the Parker Willis, of Great Baddow, Chelmsford, has by her will had a large swelling of tlie neck, side of face, and sublingual region that occasionally became acutely inflamed and threatened sutToeation. Localized atrophy and striae have been reported with the use of steroids by the occlusive technique.

Roux and Yersin were the first to show that a toxin was formed in a bouillon culture of the diplitlieria bacillus. Patterson, Rector of Evangelism, Episcopal Diocese of South Florida, and Chaplain (Major) United States Army Reserve. That this is not always true I am indined to believe, for specific food problems do arise, yet the fact that stands out most clearly in my mind is the excess of ingesta beyond the disposing capacity of the digestive apparatus.

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