The only discussion the reading of this report raised in the Council was as to whether Botany should not be added; the proposal to do this was, however, negatived. Heber Bishop, B.A., Marbleton, Q, primary Ninian C. To these may be added a case of Wright's in which at intervals were performed, the child dying with much ulceration of the bladder; and a case of Eve's, in which, in a child aged three years and nine months, nephrotomy was first performed, and seventeen days later the kidney was removed through a prolonged incision.

It is better, therefore, to wear three thin gar ments than two heavy ones because of the additional layers of air that are thus confined. It is probable that most people take more salt than is good for them.

Hyslop; i The American Monthly Review of Reviews for September presents the usual timely features that we have come to expect from this magazine.

They have only cutting and tearing teeth. Its paper is the choicest, its illustrations handsome, and given by the hundred, while its colored plate is a gem. In all these cases, the fever has its paroxysms protracted longer than usual, before it changes into a type of more frequent repetition. Belladonna alone will sometimes arrest attacks. Its modus operandi is doubtless by withdrawing heat, which is well known to be a nervous excitant.


That one thing is this: where Nature fails to PRODUCE good and sufficient Blood, WE CAN INTRODUCE IT from the arteries of the sturdy bullock, by the medium of BOVININE.

I am not aware of bullocks being subject to the presence of cystic seldom, if ever, are seen affected. The hand now presents the characteristic appearance of Main-en-Griffe or claw shape hand, the unaffected flexors showing marked contraction later on.

It is of consequence that these boots be made with judgment and properly adapted, or they will not answer the end of defence and comfortable travelling to the horse. The pus in pyuria comes from five sources: I.

In ordinary health, a number of red vessels appear upon the adnata of the eye; when they do no longer appear, this is a mark of the debility prevailing; very often, however, while the countenance is pale, and there are other marks of debility in the advanced state of fevers, we observe a considerable redness in the adnata of the eye, which may be considered as a mark of irritation in the brain; for even though the action of the heart is weak, there may be a considerable determination to the vessels of the head, with which the vessels of the eye have more communication than those of the face. Don't fail to recognize the great influence of the brain and nervous system. He was inclined to think that his heart intermittency was due to disturbance in his digestive organs and especially those lying in the upper part of the abdomen. One laboratoiy, with slight equipment and little material, asBwen for all microscopic work. I feel certain this case had not only chronic colitis, but some small ulcers in and above the sigmoid Another case I will report of an elderly gentleman who came from the East to settle in our sunny clime. The tour included Blind River, Thessalon, Sault Ste. An account of a case of Partial Double Monstrosity, (From the Medico-Chirurgical Transactions.). The Review Depai'tment will maintain its well-earned reputation for discernment and impartiality, and will contain elaborate reviews of new works and topics of the day, and numerous analytical and bibliographical notices online by competent writers. With Bpeedy relief to his rheumatism and without any untOAvard effect. At this last era, Osmer, a surgeon, and a truly practical horseman, and Lord Pembroke, of the dragoons, introduced an improved, grounded on the old continental practice; and Bartlet, the druggist, whose compilation was long and universally circulated, became its herald. The case of the formal attack of the disease, when there is manifestly a cold fit in its different degrees, when there are not only the sensibility to cold, and some degree of coldness creeping along the surface, thrilling along the back like cold water, and spreading along the body with some degree of shivering, but when there is the more formal attack of horror, tremor, and rigor, and more distinctly when these are followed more immediately by heat and flushing, by a considerable frequency of pulse, and especially when they are attended with headach. Now, if we may presume that the treatment of one species of disease is applicable to all those of the same genus, we have a foundation from an analogy tolerably extensive, and entirely independent of theory. Knaur, Pare, Scultetus, Fabrication of: Ferret. When such is the case, the air is forced into the air vesicles, vrhich distend and burst.

Lameness of the coffin bone is an old subject of complaint, but until of late we have not heard of navicular lameness; that is to say, of the navicular bone; but I should suppose that an affection of the one would be communicated to the other. Page Version 1.05