The vast quantity of blood which he had lost from time to time, produced a disposition to fainting, when he resumed the upright posture, and he was therefore obliged to remain almost constantly in a recumbent position: erectzan.

The morning session was devoted to the general dis cussion on the advisability of making some central city, meetings were those which were held in Montreal, and it would be better to meet liere every year. If, on the addition of sulphuric acid, the color becomes clear red, kairin is present; if the color obtained with the perchloride disappear on the addition of sulphric acid, salicylic acid or resorcin is present.

Per contra, the situation at the upper part of the large intestine or in the small intestine is shown by the absence of distension of the large intestine with intestinal contents, and by the ability to fill the colon with injected liquid.

A wire connected with each end of this pillar was approached repeatedly to her temples, which were previously moistened with optic nerves, which soon appeared to be of great advantage, and she soon recovered, both from the vertigo and dimness of sight. If in a few days after the operation symptoms of obstruction should come on, he would reopen the wound and seek for the seat of trouble. Vertebral tumors are characterized by less sharp curvatures and more condensation of the spine, by prolonged and severe pains, often asymmetrical, and by a more rapidly progressive course and cachexia. While on her way home from a friend's house she had difficulty in speaking, artery of the retina in a girl, aged sixteen years, who was suffering from chorea and and that evening found it hard to eat.

The latter is to be suspected from the local appearances (ulcerations and the so-called mucous patches), and discriminated by these appearances in conjunction with other secondary syphilitic phenomena, together with a knowledge of the fact of syphilis having existed. It does not appear, that the concomitant pain of the blister causes the increased energy of the stomach, because the motions of it are not greater than natural; though it uk is sometimes difficult to determine, whether the primary part of some associated trains be connected with irritative or sensitive motions.

This, to me individually, is a matter of considerable importance, since I have for some years past entirely discarded the use of sponges in operations upon the uterus, vagina, and perineum, and use in their stead constant irrigation during the operation, with sterilized water or weak antiseptic solutions. Vomiting occurs almost without exception when dilatation is due to pyloric obstruction; in other cases it is a frequent, but not a constant, symptom. Plaintiff, a solicitor, practicing at Rudders field, had suffered great injuries by drinking water that had been supplied by the corporation, which had produced leadpuisoning.

Nor does the process always stop there. He had saved eight lives by his method of forced respira tion, and others had been more recently saved by physi cians in Columbus and elsewhere. Pigmentation of linea alba, areola and follicles about nipple, and, to a less extent, of whole lower abdomen. One requiring more than the ordinary means to control it. Powell, the interesting preliminary"whereas" of a series of resolutions advocating the organization of a new gynecological and surgical society:" IVhereas, The happiness of our homes and the welfare and perpetuity of future generations depend upon the physical as well as the moral status of women." After some further whereases the following resolutions hereby plec'ge our hearty co-operation and personal support in the organization and perpetuation of a society to be known as the' Western Association of Obstetricians" Resolved, That the members of this Association shall consist of such members of the profession (regular) who are giving special attention to the practice of obstetrics and gynecology, who reside in the following States and Territories, to wit: The Missouri River cities of Iowa and Missouri; the States of Kansas, Nebraska, and Colorado; Neiv Mexico, Indian Territory, and Oklahoma. This parasite when present in large numbers proves dangerous by means of the hemorrhages which it causes. A lack of co-ordinating power would be manifested b)' movements responding to, but not governed by, the will, and the result would be inarticulate phonetic sounds. Occlusion of this vessel causes symptoms so sharply defined that the diagnosis can be made with much certainty. " Mother made a good recovery, and was delivered a year afterward of a very large child. In neither of them was she able to nurse the infant, and although on both occasions the breasts filled with milk, none came through the nipple.

It is probable that enlargement of the muscular fibres also occurs, as was accepted by the older Avriters.

Not infrequently it may cover the whole length of the cord and cauda equina and penetrate even into the cranial cavity. In these cases, a tumor is not discoverable. Page Version 1.05