Soon, however, her trouble became nmch worse, and after a short time she had to leave school on account of the pain and stifiening of the joint. There may be simply slight and transient alb uminuria, just such as occurs in the initial stages of any acute infection.

He came to the hospital several times with retention of urine and was put down as an hysterical patient. The result of this postmortem examination by Drs. Delirium and death from suffocation end the attack often before the rash has appeared.

Another, a case of myoma uteri, with but one kidney and that the seat of a tuberculous process, developed such an intense nausea that treatment could not be continued. In children ten drops of the oil per dose is often sufficient. AVe have not had for many years the bounding pulse, the exaggerated.


As a solvent for uric acid calculi the Lithia waters and alkalies are reputed useful; and for phosphatic calculi the benzoate of ammonium in ten grain doses, dissolved and well diluted with water, is given twice a day. These spots, as in the former case, were evidently ecchymoses, or extravasations of blood; the disposition to Vvhich was so great, that'if you pressed the i.kin with your finger,;i deep purple vibex, of a corresponding responding shape, exhibited itself in a few hours on the part so Satisfied, from a comparison of the present case with that before described, that no hazard wouid arise from blood-lettings, we agreed that the operation should be performed, at first moderately, and afterwards more freely, as circumstances might require. Much may also depend on the influence of koino-miasmata in the production of this affection. One of the new buildings of the University of Alabama School of Medicine, removed two years ago from Mobile to Tuscaloosa, will be named after Josiah Clark Nott, founder At the graduating exercises of the University of Alabama School of Medicine, Tuscaloosa, it was announced that the Gorgas School of Sanitation will be established at the College as soon as funds are available. It fosters collaboration, coordinates programs, and provides research and development support for joint programs with the Office of the Secretary of the Department of Health, Education, and Welfare; the Bureau of Biologies of the Food and Drug Administration; and the private sector of the blood banking community. TAIT ON METALLIC COMPRESSION OP AETERIES. This hardness and thickening is very circumscribed; not diffusing itself gradually and imperceptibly into the surrounding parts, but terminating rather abruptly." When examined, by pressing the chancre between the fingers, it will be found that the whole excavated surface of the ulcer is surrounded by a hard or indurated basis.

The intestine was unusually pale, but no external signs of mortification existed. Prichard, and the well known eflect of fright in inducing it, seem to me fully to justify this conclusion. At the same time practice thoroughly lung gym: nasties to oxidize and decarbonize the blood. It is usually characterized by" taciturnity, downcast looks, a total neglect of dress and person, long nails and beard, disheveled or matted hair, indifference to all surrounding objects, and insensibility to heat and cold." Monomania consists in a state of partial insanity the patient being insane upon some one subject only, with a full and regular use of his class of mental diseases comprehends many varieties, as nostalgia, This is by far the most common form of mental derangement, and is always entirely free from delirium or paroxysmal raving. It may be caused by neglecting to aerate the blood, or by inhaling noxious gases like carbon dioxide from a coal Any stagnant or thickened condition of the blood may lead to inflammation in almost any part or tissue of the body.

Soul and Spirit! These together constitute what we call the mind. In reading the lecture on diseases of the spine, we have been surprised to find that ilr. It is surprising how often tubercle bacilli occur in patients who have"no" sputum.

It should never be given when a patient is suffering from a coryza, an acute bronchitis, gastric disorder, fatigue or, in fact, is feeling"out of sorts" In most patients there comes a period of increased susceptibility when an increase in dose, which before caused no disturbance, results in a violent same dose should be repeated many times if necessary, or the interval lengthened for a time. Some of the effects observed stimrdated other persons to the hasty performance of experiments on the human subject, which soon tended to bring the operation into disfavotir. After that the heavy weight must be removed or there will be irreparable damage at the knee joint. A number of diseases were suspected, including rickets and tuberculosis, but no satisfactory diagnosis had pills ever been made. In severe cases when there are signs of respiratory obstruction, intubation is indicated.

Metastasis of rheumatism of erysipelas and of chronic cutaneous affections; habitual hemorrhoidal discharges, as well as other varieties of hemorrhage, leucorrhoea, and deficient and unwholesome nourishment, may also give rise to this affection. Diuretic, Pomade', Any perfumed ointment especially for the Po'mum Ada'mi (Adam's apple), The prominence in the neck caused by the projection of the thyroid cartilage. Page Version 1.05